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The Basics Of Porcelain Floor Tiles

If you have been looking at various floor tiles and find yourself drawn to porcelain, you may be making a smart decision. Able to last for 100 years, porcelain floor tiles are becoming more popular with homeowners everywhere. Used extensively in bathrooms and kitchens, these versatile tiles can transform virtually any room in your home into one that looks incredible. If you're eager to purchase porcelain floor tiles but want to learn more before doing so, here is all you need to know.

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Porcelain Floor Tile Durability & Strength

Floor Tile That Is Strong and Hard

Variety Of Porcelain Floor Tile Samples On Display

If you want floor tile that will do well in high-traffic areas and barely look like it's been walked on, porcelain floor tile is the right choice for your project. Consisting of clay that contains very fine particles, creating these tiles at higher temperatures results in them having such a hard surface. Although some people think porcelain floor tile is somewhat uncomfortable to walk or stand on continuously due to its hard surface, most people give it rave reviews.

A Very Heavy Floor Tile

While it can look like many other materials, all types of porcelain tile are quite heavy. In fact, porcelain tile is some of the heaviest floor tiles in use today. Because of its weight, you may not be able to use this tile in upper-story rooms in your home, unless your house is built specifically to withstand the extra stress. Should you be wanting to use porcelain tile in this manner, be sure to check first to see if your home can withstand the extra weight. If it can't, you may need to use a close alternative like ceramic tile.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Can Crack

Though very tough and durable, porcelain floor tile can still be prone to cracking now and then. However, if you do have a damaged tile or two, it is usually an easy DIY job to remove damaged tiles and replace them with new ones. When shopping for porcelain floor tiles, remember to use only tiles that specifically state they are floor tiles. If you use wall-grade porcelain tiles on your floor, more of them will likely crack. 

Time-Consuming Floor Tile Installation

If you are a DIY person and want to install your porcelain floor tile with your own two hands, keep a few things in mind. First, installing porcelain tiles can be a very time-consuming job. Since the tiles are so hard, special saws are needed to make precise cuts and keep the tiles from being damaged. Also, these installation jobs can take a lot out of you physically, since the tiles are rather heavy. As for the positives, the installation process itself is not terribly complex or complicated, and uses the normal tile grout to apply. If you are able to be patient along the way, you can make installing your porcelain floor tile a successful DIY project.

Hiring a Contractor For Floor Tile Installation

Man’s Hands Laying Porcelain Floor Tiles With Grout

If you aren’t comfortable installing this type of floor tile, we at Oasis Tile recommend you hire a professional contractor to do the job. Though you will spend more on labor costs, you'll save money on the numerous tiles you are sure to ruin along the way if you don't know what you're doing. If you can do the work yourself, your overall savings may be as much as 50 percent on the job's cost, but only if you make few if any mistakes when installing your tile.

Porcelain Floor Tile Allows for Many Design Options

Being so versatile, porcelain floor tile lets you choose from many different design options. Able to be made so that it looks like other materials such as wood tiles, granite, marble, or even stone or steel, it is virtually impossible for anyone to tell whether a floor covering is porcelain tile or something else. This allows it to be used almost anywhere in a home, and also allows for the creation of all different types of atmospheres, be it cozy and warm or very modern.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Are Cold Tiles

When compared to ceramic and other floor tiles, porcelain tiles are usually much colder. To offset this, some homeowners install radiant floor heating systems, while others simply use area rugs in living rooms and other parts of their homes. However, you and any children or pets in your home will enjoy these cold tiles in the warmer months, so it comes down to your personal preference.

Water-Resistant Porcelain Floor Tiles

A great tile for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture can be a concern, porcelain floor tiles are extremely water and stain-resistant. Because of this, they are known for being very low-maintenance tiles, meaning a quick wipe with a rag or sweep with a broom will keep them clean. Far more water-resistant than ceramic tiles, they can sometimes be slippery. To offset this in a bathroom or kitchen, use a few well-placed mats or rugs. 

Porcelain May Bust Your Budget

Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles In A Kitchen With Dark Grey Cabinetry

Although porcelain tiles themselves may not break very often, they may put a dent in your budget. However, as its popularity has expanded in recent years, its cost has decreased dramatically. Today, high-quality porcelain tile costs about the same as high-quality ceramic tile. If you select porcelain tile over ceramic tile, be prepared to pay on average $10-$15 more per square foot. However, it's important to remember that once your porcelain floor tile is in place, it can last for several decades or more, meaning you'll easily recoup your initial investment.

The Best Brands For Porcelain Floor Tiles

To get the best brands of porcelain floor tile and ensure you can get enough replacements if they are needed in the future, try buying from well-known manufacturers. Here at Oasis Tile, we recommend such manufacturers as Daltile, Marazzi, and Interceramic. However, since we have such a wide selection of porcelain floor tiles, we carry many other manufacturers as well. 

Making more and more bathrooms, kitchens, and other parts of homes look spectacular with each passing year, porcelain floor tile is currently one of the most popular decorating trends around the world. At Oasis Tile, we offer a sample program, so you can try out porcelain tiles before you buy! Just add the sample to your cart, and you’ll have your risk-free floor tiles in no time. If you want your home to be a trendsetter, look to us here at Oasis Tile for your porcelain floor tile.