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Unique Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

If there is one room that gets plenty of foot traffic each day, it's the kitchen. Whether you are cooking meals, eating a late-night snack now and then, or talking over your day with family members, there's no doubt your kitchen and its floor get plenty of action on a daily basis. Therefore, you want a kitchen floor that looks modern rather than outdated, is durable, and reflects you and your personality. Now that it's time to do a kitchen makeover, here are some unique kitchen floor tile ideas we at Oasis Tile think never go out of style.

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The Floor Tile Color Family

In any kitchen, we tend to think variety is the spice of life, particularly regarding kitchen floor tiles. If you agree, we suggest you choose a tile from a specific color family. When you do, you'll have flooring tiles for the kitchen that look similar, yet still, display subtle hints of variation. Along with adding character and depth to your kitchen floor, this will also give it underlying energy that won't be found in too many other kitchens you encounter.

Patchwork Tile is Packed with Personality

In today's kitchens, floors filled with patchwork designs are considered to be packed with personality. Should you have a kitchen where the cabinets, counters, walls, and ceiling are basically neutral colors, a patchwork kitchen floor can stand out in a great way. If you want your kitchen floor to be anything but subtle, we suggest you think about a porcelain or concrete tile that feature random patchwork designs, since doing so will show your personal style to everyone who enters your kitchen.

Someone With Blue Shoes Standing On Blue Patterned Floor Tiles  

Crossing the Border

No, we don't mean this as literally crossing the border from one country to another. Instead, we mean using kitchen floor tiles to create a distinct border between your kitchen and adjoining rooms. A great way to do so is by using light-colored tile in your kitchen when you have natural wood flooring elsewhere since this is impossible to not notice. In reality, this gives you the best of both worlds. While you would have natural wood flooring in your main living areas that exude comfort and warmth, you would also have vibrant kitchen floor tiles that are slip-resistant and stain-resistant, look great, and will be durable enough for high-traffic volume each day.

Checkered Floor Tiles Anyone?

In many older kitchens, it was not unusual to lay floor tiles in a checkerboard pattern. While you may think this will have your kitchen floor looking very outdated if you do the same, that won't be the case. Actually, a checkerboard pattern of black and white will be an instant classic that never goes out of style. A high-contrast design, using oversized squares of porcelain or marble will give your kitchen a look everyone will love.

Shrinking Your Kitchen Floor Tiles?

Yes, if you want to use more than one style of tile, you can shrink your kitchen floor and come away with a look that is outstanding. Should you like the idea of a checkerboard kitchen floor, you don't necessarily need to have the entire floor covered with oversized squares. Instead, opt for mosaic tiles with much smaller squares. When you do, you can even use these tiles on your kitchen's baseboards, while using another style of tile for other parts of your kitchen floor. A great idea if you have a bar where the kids sit to eat a snack now and then, you can wind up creating a retro look circa 1950.

Grey And White Checkered Tile Floor In A Modern Kitchen


The Simple Look of Matte Tile

If you prefer a straightforward look to your kitchen floor, never toss aside the idea of using matte tile on your kitchen floor. A tile that mixes very well with almost any type of home interior, you can give your kitchen a look that exemplifies simplicity, sophistication, and style. In many of today's kitchens, matte kitchen floor tile is popular due to its organic look, which is great if you are environmentally conscious and want your kitchen to have an earth tone to its style.

Experiment With Tile Shapes

If you have plenty of time to put into creating a truly unique look for your kitchen floor, think about using penny tiles that are currently very popular for bathrooms. Though it will be a time-consuming process for you or a contractor, these smaller tiles will look large once the job is finished. However, since it will take a large number of these tiles to cover a typical kitchen floor, you will need to have a larger budget for your project. Similar to the penny-shaped tiles, hexagon floor tiles offer a unique option for kitchen floors. Try a classic color palette with a funky shape, and get the best of both worlds!

Be Willing To Do the Unexpected

While you don't want to do something to your kitchen floor that will have everyone in awe for all the wrong reasons, be willing to do something totally unexpected when it comes to your kitchen floor tile. For example, if you had originally planned for kitchen floor tiles in a neutral color, try looking over some other tiles for kitchen floors that feature bright colors or unusual designs. Since there are so many tiles that feature geometrical designs and are available in so many shapes and sizes, it won't take you long to realize the unlimited possibilities that exist with your kitchen floor.

The Southwest Look

If you love the look of kitchens in the southwestern part of the U.S., you can use kitchen floor tiles to achieve the same look. To do so, consider terracotta tiles. Currently considered to be a growing trend as many homes want kitchens featuring a desert-chic look, your kitchen floor can display colors ranging from golden honey to burnt orange, both of which are colors that lend color and texture to your kitchen.

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No matter which of these unique kitchen floor tile ideas appeals to you the most, our team here at Oasis Tile knows you'll soon have a kitchen that looks fantastic. Whether it's the classic checkerboard look or a floor filled with bright colors or designs, you'll find the tiles for you here at Oasis Tile.

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