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Best Material To Use For Floor Tiles

When it comes to floors, they take quite a beating on a daily basis. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else in a home, people and pets can give floors quite a workout. If you're not careful, you may use floor tiles that are made of lesser-quality materials, meaning they won't stand up to the daily wear and tear. Since there are so many different types of floor tiles available today, deciding which materials are best can be a challenge for homeowners and even contractors. To give you some ideas on what you should choose, our team at Oasis Tile has some recommendations about the best material to use for floor tiles.

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How Many Types of Floor Tiles Exist?

When people start looking for floor tiles, they are often amazed at just how many different types exist. In fact, there are more types of floor tiles available today than at any other time. Once you start browsing, you'll notice such types as marble, porcelain, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, glass, and many more. 

Living Room With Furniture, Large, Grey Floor Tiles, And A Blue Accent Wall

Due to the many different types and styles, you will need to take several factors into consideration when selecting floor tiles. These include how much you want to spend, the look you hope to achieve for the area where it will be installed, the specific room where it will be installed, and other factors as well. For example, vinyl floor tile is very popular due to its low cost, variety of styles, and durability. In areas where a more elegant look is desired, glass or marble tile may be a better choice.

Considerations When Choosing Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles Can Offer A Great Return on Investment

No matter what type of floor tile is used in a home, it instantly increases the value of the property. Surprisingly, many real estate experts believe flooring plays a big role when selling a home. If you expect to sell your home in the coming years, choosing floor tile that is durable and beautiful can help you realize a return on your investment of as much as 70 percent. This is especially true regarding kitchens and bathrooms, both of which are key factors when buyers are looking at prospective property. 

Floor Tiles Are Great For Kids & Pets

If your home has kids and maybe a few pets around as well, it's even more important to choose floor tiles made of the best material that can stand up to whatever comes its way. For these settings, we usually recommend either porcelain floor tile or wood-look tile. Porcelain tile is great in these settings because it is resistant to chips, scratches, cracks, and stains. Thus, should a pet have an accident or a child spill something on the floor, the mess will be easily cleaned up without damaging the tile. 

No More Refinishing With Floor Tiles

For homeowners who have hardwood floors and decide to switch to floor tile, one of the most immediate advantages is no longer having to worry about refinishing their floors. This means no more sanding, staining, and applying a protective coating every few years. Even if a hardwood floor look is still the preferred choice, wood-look tile can be applied to the floor, creating the illusion of a natural hardwood floor while offering greater protection and eliminating back-breaking maintenance.

Cost of Floor Tiles

Large Sunroom With White Floor Tiles And Patio Furniture

If you are on a budget for your flooring project and you’re searching for the cheapest floor tiles, we at Oasis Tile usually recommend purchasing vinyl tile. Since many types of this tile are priced at no more than 50 cents per square foot, it's possible to use this tile for any type of project. Whether it's a bathroom renovation or redoing a bedroom, vinyl tile will be found in any color, design, or style that is needed. Easy to cut and apply to floor surfaces, vinyl tile is available in peel and stick form, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want to complete a DIY flooring project. 

Floor Tile Durability 

Of all the types of floor tile from which you can choose, when you’re searching for the type with the most durability, we tend to think that’s marble tile. Since it has a timeless look and does well in high-traffic areas, marble tile is widely used in both residential and commercial settings. Though it does require a bit more regular cleaning than other types of floor tile, such as applying tile sealer, marble floor tile will be an excellent choice for any part of your home.

Porcelain Floor Tiles May be the Total Package

While we at Oasis Tile highly recommend marble tile for many residential and commercial projects, we also tend to think porcelain tile may be the total package. Able to work well in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, it is very affordable, durable, strong, and will last for decades. Available in options such as stone, this tile is made from very dense clay that is fired at extremely high temperatures, giving it its strength and durability. In fact, porcelain tile can even be made to look like natural wood, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas or homes where a natural look is preferred.

Will Glass Floor Tiles Break Easily?

While it sounds as if glass tiles would be ones that would break under the slightest of pressure, that is not the case. Actually, glass tiles hold up very well, especially in low-traffic environments. Popular for many projects because it resists moisture and mold, it's also a great choice for homeowners who are wanting to use eco-friendly products. When searching for glass tiles, you will discover most are made from recycled materials. If you have a guest bathroom or half-bath that is used sparingly, glass tiles will add elegance and make the room seem bigger.

Since you may want to use different types of floor tiles in various areas of your home, don't spend your time going from one place to another searching for the floor tile you need. Instead, rely on us at Oasis Tile. With our wide selection and excellent prices, you'll find what you need and get your project finished quicker than you anticipated. And with our Sample Program, you can try out floor tiles risk-free and have it in no time.