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  • Turquoise Green 1'' x 4'' Glossy Glass Tile
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    / sheet

    Turquoise Green 1'' x 4'' Glossy Glass Tile

    This 1'' x 4'' green and turquoise glass tile replicates the classic brick wall layout, forming an appealing contrast between the classic glass mat...

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  • Crystal Lagoon Aqua Random Brick Glossy Glass Tile
    / sheet

    Crystal Lagoon Aqua Random Brick Glossy Glass Tile

    These random glass brick mosaic tiles replicate the old fashioned brick wall structure, creating an intriguing contrast between the traditional an...

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  • Teal Green 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile
    / sq.ft.

    Teal Green 3'' x 6'' Glossy Glass Subway Tile

    These teal green subway tiles are a rich shade of blue and green that takes the heart of a clear, glassy ocean to your home. It’s a wonderful col...

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  • Blue Copper Blend 3/4'' x 3/4'' Glossy Glass Pool Tile
    / sheet

    Blue Copper Blend 3/4'' x 3/4'' Glossy Glass Pool Tile

    Made from tiny square chips, these glossy blue glass mosaic tile sheets act as a remarkable demonstration of up-to-date style and design within a ...

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  • April Shower Silver Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile
    / sheet

    April Shower Silver Glossy & Iridescent Glass Tile

    There's something about a silver glass tile backsplash that really sets a room apart. These gorgeous April Shower silver arabesque glass tiles off...

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Oasis Tile offers a terrific selection of colored glass tiles for the indoor and outdoor areas. We have one of the richest color palettes you can find when shopping for tiles online.

For example, blue and aquamarine tiles are the all-time favorites. Perhaps not surprisingly, as blue is often named as the world’s most favorite color.

White tiles are classic and will suit any setting, adding a touch of elegance, simplicity and beautiful vintage style.

Brown colored glass tiles enjoy a sophisticated palette. From creamy coffee-colored to rich chocolate, brown is luxuriant and can accentuate any area exceptionally well.

Cream adds a soft, matte shine or glimmering iridescent light to your area. It’s also a very handy neutral color to use in your creative designs.

Green tiles come in a lush variety of avocado, aqua, apple green, emerald, cypress green, chartreuse, lime, sea foam and many other shades.

With a distinct metallic glimmer, copper colored glass tiles look slick and modern and match blue and green particularly nice.

Red tiles will fill your space with so much energy. Ranging from crimson, scarlet, ruby, wine, and sangria to Merlot, mahogany, rose and cherry, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Purple tiles offer some amazing feminine shades: plum, orchid, lavender, lilac, violet, iris, heather, magenta, amethyst, boysenberry – they are so beautiful and suit every setting.

Gold tiles are the royal choice for your space. The right amount of gold used in a right color mix can do wonders to your home. Pay particular attention to the texture: brushed metal gold tiles and glossy glass gold tiles are hot right now.

Grey tiles are anything but boring with an extensive palette of beautiful shades such as smoke embers, light pewter, silver chain and shoreline to name a few.

Yellow colored glass tiles look fresh and cheerful, orange have something spicy and exotic about them, while peach shades are sweet and heart-warming.

Another ageless classic, black tiles are exquisite and luxuriant. Rich ebony, obsidian, midnight, ink, onyx or leather shades help to create fabulous home designs.

Silver tiles are cool and modern. Most modern home designs try to incorporate this color in one way or another. Indeed, they help to create sophisticated and elegant homes.

Pink tiles add a delicate touch to any space. Ranging from flamingo, rouge, rose, salmon and coral to crepe, hot pink, rosewood and taffy, they are simply stunning.

Refresh any space with deep, rich aqua colored glass tiles that will add beautiful iridescence to your bathroom or pool.

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