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Average Cost to Install Tile Floor

When you are considering using tile on your floor, you may find yourself drawn to a certain type, be it porcelain, ceramic, or perhaps marble or stone. Whatever the case may be, you will want to know about the flooring tiles installation cost. If you're eager to see a new floor underneath your feet, here are some factors regarding the average cost to install tile flooring.

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Type of Tiles

When figuring up your tile flooring cost, consider the type of tile you select, such as porcelain and ceramic tiles, both of which are popular and priced similarly in terms of installation. Overall, these tiles can be installed for $7-$45 per square foot. Also factor in other materials that will be needed, such as grout, tile adhesive, tile spacers, waterproof sealant, tile trim, and filler, all of which add an additional $5-$6 per square foot to a typical installation.

 Handyman Installing Brand New Ceramic Floor Tiles


Tile Installation Labor Costs

If you are accomplished enough at DIY projects that you feel you can install your tile floor on your own, you will save quite a bit of money. On average, you can expect to pay between $3-$15 per square foot in labor costs related to the installation. Remember, there is more involved in labor costs than putting down new tiles, such as removing the old tiles, repairing any existing floor damage, and prepping the area.

Buy Extra Floor Tile

When figuring out your flooring tiles installation cost, don't make the mistake many people do and only figure up your cost based on the actual number of tiles that will eventually be on the floor. Instead, make sure you include an extra 10%-15% of your project budget to include overages. In other words, always buy more tile than you expect to need. Invariably, accidents or other surprises occur during even the most routine tile floor installations.

Shop Around For Tiles

When you are online looking for flooring tiles near me and then find yourself looking over our large selection of tiles here at Oasis Tile, you will quickly find quality flooring tiles with low prices. This will help decrease your installation costs significantly, since you can buy your tiles on your own, rather than having to purchase them from your tile installation contractor.

A Tiler in the Process of a Ceramic Floor Tile Installation


Cost For Tiling 1,000 Square Feet

On average, if you want to tile a 1,000 square-foot area in your home, you can estimate the cost of your materials and labor to be in the neighborhood of $8,000-$9,000. This would be if you chose tile that was priced affordably or on sale, such as ceramic or porcelain tile, had a standard installation, and hired a contractor for the job.

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Since you want to choose the best tile material for your installation project and also want to work with experts who know about tile flooring costs and much more, it pays to rely on us here at Oasis Tile. By doing so, you'll come away with beautiful tile that's affordable and will soon be making your floors look fantastic.

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