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How To Use Floor Tiles In Your Kitchen

Like many people, you've decided it's time to give your home's kitchen a whole new look. Whether you are updating a kitchen that hasn't been touched since the 1970s or one that just needs a few modifications to make it more modern, using the right floor tiles can make a tremendous difference in many ways. Since you don't want to be redoing your kitchen floor every few years, choosing floor tile that is durable should be a top priority. Also, since spills occur in kitchens, you'll also need a type of floor tile that's easy to clean. If you're ready to learn how to use floor tiles in your kitchen, our Oasis Tile team has some tips you should keep in mind.

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Kitchen Tile Flooring Considerations

Aesthetic Flooring vs. Practical Flooring

As you are shopping for floor tiles to use in your kitchen, remember to weigh the aesthetics of any tiles you have in mind versus their practicality. For example, while marble tile is exquisitely beautiful and would make your kitchen look stunning, remember that it can also be slippery and lead to you or others falling. Since there are so many different types of tiles from which to choose, it's always easy to find a type of tile that will be both practical and pretty in your kitchen.

Extending Your Kitchen Outdoors With Floor Tiles

When you are placing floor tiles in your kitchen, keep in mind that should you have sliding doors that lead to a deck or patio, you may be able to use your floor tile to extend your kitchen outdoors. Porcelain floor tile is often used for this purpose since some types of porcelain tile are made for outdoor use as well. If you opt for this, you can extend the area of your kitchen, making it easier to entertain guests or relax with your family. 

Variety of Designs In Floor Tiles

Newly Renovated Kitchen With White Cabinetry And Wood-Like Kitchen Floor Tiles

When laying floor tile in your kitchen, remember that you can do so using many types of designs and patterns. While most people opt for traditional 12-inch squares throughout the room, you can also use hexagons, rectangles, and even mosaic tiles to create stylish patterns and pictures on your floor. Should you be an artist at heart, you can use your talent to transform your kitchen floor into a masterpiece under your feet. Some people choose to use different types of tiles on their kitchen floors, mixing and matching along the way. After all, since it's your kitchen, how it looks is entirely up to you and your imagination.

Is It Expensive to Tile a Kitchen Floor?

Compared to many other home improvement projects, installing floor tile in your kitchen is done at a very reasonable cost. There are many factors that can affect the cost of a kitchen floor tiling project, such as the tiles purchased or the size of the kitchen. In general, for a typical kitchen measuring 130-150 square feet, you'll average $7-$14 per square foot if you have it done by professionals. Should it be a DIY project, it could go down to $3-$5 per square foot, depending on the tile you select. Typically, these projects cost between $1,000-$2,000.

Types Of Floor Tiles To Use In Your Kitchen

Ceramic Floor Tiles & Your Kitchen

The most common type of floor tile used in kitchens, ceramic floor tile offers you plenty of advantages. For starters, it easily resists water, stains, and humidity, meaning you won't have to worry about ceramic tile getting ruined anytime soon.

Ceramic tile is also quite durable, ensuring it will hold up well under heavy foot traffic and likely won't get damaged if you drop a frying pan or something else on it. Available in many styles and colors, you can use ceramic tile to create almost any look you want in your kitchen.

If there is any downside to using ceramic tile in your kitchen, it's that the tile's hardness makes it somewhat uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. However, comfortable shoes or a mat here and there near a stove or counter can solve this problem.

Consider Porcelain Floor Tiles For A Low Maintenance Kitchen

Large Kitchen With Unique Kitchen Floor Tiles With Dark Wood Cabinets

If you would rather be spending your time in the kitchen cooking instead of constantly cleaning the floor, you may want to consider using porcelain tiles. Extremely easy to maintain, porcelain floor tile requires you to sweep it occasionally and maybe lightly mop it now and then. 

Once you have a porcelain floor in your kitchen, chances are it will last for several decades if you wish. Arguably the most durable floor tile in existence today for use in kitchens, a porcelain floor in your kitchen is best installed by professionals, since the tiles are heavy and can be difficult to position correctly if you don't have experience using them.

Can I Use Glass Floor Tiles in a Kitchen?

Yes, you can have a glass floor in your kitchen and be very satisfied with its looks and functionality. Available in many colors and styles, glass floor tile in your kitchen can be used to create an array of unique patterns and designs. 

Glass floor tile is also one of the cleanest types of floor tile since it is resistant to most types of bacteria and mold. As an added bonus, the glass floor tile will help your kitchen look bigger and add more depth to its appearance, while at the same time being very durable. Though some tiles are likely to get scratched over time, replacing the tiles is relatively easy and inexpensive.

Wood-Look Floor Tiles Add Warmth

If your kitchen is a place where you and your family gather regularly to eat meals and talk about how the day went, using wood-look floor tiles can add a sense of warmth to your kitchen. Durable and very practical, wood-look tiles will have those who don't know think you really do have a wooden kitchen floor. As engineered wood has been perfected over the years, today's wood-look tile is more realistic than ever. Best of all, if you have kids or pets who get the floor dirty now and then, the dirt won't show very easily.

To find the floor tile you need to take your kitchen from boring to beautiful, scan the wide selection at Oasis Tile. We offer samples for almost every floor tile, so you can try it out risk-free! Just add the sample to your cart, and you’ll have it in no time.