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  • One-Wall Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room

    Living Room Tile Ideas for 2024

    The living room is arguably the home's most social area; it’s the place to be for everything from family game nights to football Sundays. It's a space that you want to get right - not just by choosing a great...

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  • A gray fireplace with unlit firewood inside on a white background of living room wall

    A Handy Fireplace Tile Guide for Your Home

    Gather around everyone as we highlight one of the most underappreciated places for tile design - the fireplace.  There are countless ways to give your own a facelift with the suitable types of tile, and we'll explore just that with...

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  • What You Need to Know About Tile Grout

    What You Need to Know About Tile Grout

    Mulling over new bathroom remodel ideas? You can't forget tile grout. Often overlooked, this professional sealing agent is pivotal to the success of your tile installation. When installed correctly, grout can help protect your tiles from moisture and dirt while...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Subway Tile

    Everything You Need to Know About Subway Tile

    Among the most classical and timeless styles, subway tile is important in history. Though the layout began as an industrial product for durable and waterproof wall coverings, it has since become one of homeowners' most loved looks today. In this...

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  • Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas

    Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas

    The best modern kitchen designs are forward-thinking, sleek, and stylish. They are intended to be functional yet still look beautiful in the home. Many kitchen tiles are also various textures, colors, and patterns that give you infinite possibilities when remodeling...

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  • white ceramic bathroom

    Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2024

    It’s hard to believe 2024 is already around the corner! With this new year comes plenty of opportunities for change, both on a personal and decorative level. The bathroom is one of the best places to change your home. Everyone...

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  •  Close up of pool and waterline tiles and pebbles

    Pool Tile Trends for Your Swimming Pool in 2023

    There’s a healthy mix of bold and beautiful pool tile trends for 2023. The best way to follow pool design trends is to seek out daring color choices, play around with patterns and finishes, and experiment with different tile materials....

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