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Things to Know Before Buying Marble Flooring Tile

If you want floor tile that makes a room look elegant, our team here at Oasis Tile thinks it's hard to beat marble floor tiles. Available in different styles and colors, marble floor tiles are often used in kitchens and bathrooms, since they are easy to clean when they get wet. If you have fallen in love with marble floor tiles but want to know more before buying them and having them installed, here are some tips we think you should keep in mind along the way.

Marble Tiles Are Prone to Staining

While marble floor tiles can make your home look fantastic, be aware that they are not for everyone. The biggest drawback to this type of floor tile is it can get stained somewhat easily. If you want to use it in your kitchen, try not to spill anything on it that is highly acidic, such as vinegar, juice, or wine. Also, if you have pets in your home, marble can be permanently damaged by pet urine. When cleaning marble flooring, always do so gently and rub in a circular pattern, instead of scrubbing at a fierce pace. 

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Marble Floor Tiles Are Heavy

If you want to use marble floor tiles in your home, your contractor will likely be using ones that are 2'x2' to give your floor that beautiful new look. Since marble tiles are usually heavier than many other types of floor tiles, larger tiles may require specialized installation methods. 

As an alternative, you can opt to purchase porcelain or ceramic floor tiles that have a marble-like appearance. Often much more affordable and easier to install, this is an option many of our Oasis Tile customers find to be very appealing.

A Display of Marble Tiles in Different Shades


Always Choose Quality Marble Tiles

When you are considering marble floor tiles, always be willing to spend a few more dollars to purchase ones that are of the best quality. This will be important, especially if you will be placing heavy furniture or appliances on top of your marble tiles. If you notice deep fissures on marble tile, this means it is at greater risk of cracking when underneath something very heavy. 


Professional Tile Installation is Usually Best

When you choose to have marble floor tiles installed in your home, it is usually best if you hire a contractor for the job. Although you can do the job if you are an experienced DIYer, many people often waste time and money because they break plenty of tiles during the process. Since cutting and laying marble tile can be difficult and the subfloor must also be expertly prepared before the first tile is put down, you will save money in the long run if you hire an experienced contractor to handle the job.

Marble vs. Porcelain Tiles

As we said earlier, many of our Oasis Tile customers are finding that choosing porcelain tile that mimics the look of marble can be a real game-changer in terms of their renovation and project costs. In many cases where porcelain tiles and marble floor tiles are side-by-side, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. This is even more so during installation, especially if the contractor being used is one who understands how to lay out the tiles so that the veining patterns simulated on the porcelain tiles are made to look completely random on the floor.

As for costs, most porcelain tile will be no more than $10 per square foot, making it very budget-friendly. If you don't mind simulated marble in your home, porcelain floor tiles may be something you should consider.

Marble Floors May Lead to Cold Feet

By this, we don't mean that you will decide to not use marble floor tiles. Instead, we are referring to the fact that marble tile is one of the coldest types of tile you can have on your floor. Therefore, if you like to walk around your home barefoot, you can expect to have cold feet. 

However, marble floor tile is also one of the best floor tiles to use with radiant floor-heating systems. Known to be a good base for these systems that use hydronic tubing through the underlayment, it is actually easy to transform a marble floor from one that is very cold to one that is quite comfortable.

Always Buy an Extra Box of Tiles

When you purchase marble tiles for your home, always buy at least one extra box to keep on hand after the initial installation is completed. No matter the type of marble tile you buy, the coloring and veining will be a bit different than other marble tiles. If you don't have extra tiles on hand from your original lot of tiles, it will be virtually impossible to match your existing flooring, potentially ruining its look. 

White Marble Tile With Unique Line Pattern


Slick and Slippery Marble Flooring

If you have polished marble in your home, be aware that it can be slick and slippery, especially when it is wet. Should you use polished marble in your bathroom or kitchen, we recommend you put down non-slip rugs as an extra precaution against falling. If you want marble but don't want the slippery surface that goes with polished marble, choose marble tile that has a matte finish.

One-Of-A-Kind Look with Marble Tiles

When many people choose marble tile for their home, it is because they want to give their surroundings, such as their kitchen, a unique look. Since marble tiles are created from various raw stones found in Egypt, India, Italy, China, Greece, and many other exotic locations around the world, each piece of marble tile is actually unique unto itself, meaning there will be no other tile like it anywhere on the planet. 

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Your Marble Flooring Experts

Here at Oasis Tile, we think of ourselves as marble flooring tile experts. Combining our years of experience with our commitment to excellent customer service and staying up-to-date on the latest design trends, we can help you learn all you need to know about marble floor tiles. When you're ready to install marble flooring tiles, rely on us here at Oasis Tile.

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