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black and white entryway tile

Great Entryway Floor Tile Ideas to Try In 2024

First impressions count. 

The entryway is the most inaugural space of any house, possessing a ‌powerful capacity to shape how people feel after walking through the front door.

A tile entryway delivers a sense of style and longevity without breaking the bank. Looking for inspired ideas to shape your entryway project? Lucky for you, we're about to dive into our top tile ideas for entryways in 2024.

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Should I Put Tile In My Entryway?

The short and the long answer is of course, yes!

Tile is one of, if not the most durable and versatile options in home renovation. The countless colors, shapes, styles, and sizes out there today make the potential tile ideas for entryways are near limitless. 

 Most entryway floor tile comes in at a reasonable price-tag, if you know how to buy floor tile and take the right things into consideration before installation, it should last and look great for years. 

What Kind of Tile Is The Best For My Entryway?

Looking at the top floor trends for 2023, porcelain was a standout choice among the top entries. And there are a lot of reasons behind that, from its durability and stain resistance to its simple, clean look. 

A porcelain tile entryway will typically need minimal maintenance and be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life well.

You have other options, though - there's a meaningful debate to be had on porcelain floor tiles vs ceramic floor tiles, as ceramic can be just as durable and resistant, though it may not hold up quite as well to scratches or spills.  

Vinyl is also a great choice for entryway floor tile due to its affordability and sleek but solid color varieties. If that kind of black and white tile entryway doesn't tickle your fancy, a mosaic tile entryway made of glass, marble, or ceramic may be suitable as well.

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What Color Tile is Best For An Entryway?

Apart from tile sizes and shapes - which we'll get on to next - color stands to have a big impact on the feelings your entryway floor tile ideas evoke. 

Neutral tones, such as light beige and gray, are usually the way to go. They create a timeless look that works with nearly any type of design aesthetic. Plus, they don’t overwhelm the senses or compete with other elements of the room. 

On the other hand, you can also make a statement with marble or other colors in your entryway floor tile choices. For instance, a black and white tile entryway theme is particularly popular and eye-catching. If you’re looking to make a grand statement, consider bolder colors like dark charcoal or even red.

black and white entryway tile

What Size Tile Should I Use For My Entryway?

Our 2024 entryway floor tile ideas are quite diverse in size and layout. You have the creative freedom to choose any product dimensions you want, but should definitely consider the context in which it will apply. 

A large format tile is best for entryways because it can help to create the illusion of a bigger space. You can draw attention and promote a more inviting atmosphere in an area with limited space.

Entryway Floor Tile Ideas for 2024

Without further ado, we have what you came here searching for. Read below for our top tile ideas for entryways in 2024.

Checkerboard Black and White

A black and white tile entryway looks both classic and modern. Checkerboard is the most common pattern for this look, but you can also choose a less traditional option with tiles of different sizes and shapes.

All Black

If you’re looking to create a darker aesthetic, then opt for an all black tile option. Glass black floor tiles will add sophistication and drama while still keeping your entryway light enough for visitors to feel welcome.

black entryway tile

Go All In With Colors and Shapes

Modern entryway tile ideas shouldn't bow to traditional norms. It's 2024, so bold statements are welcome. A hexagon tile entryway design is an easy way to introduce exciting shapes that will catch the eye. 

You can also try mixing and matching colors in an entryway floor tile installation for a mixed-media effect. If you've already read up on the basics of porcelain tiles, you'll know that they're a particularly good choice for shape and color experimentation. 

Marble Patterns

If a multicolored mosaic tile entryway isn't your thing, marble might be a great alternative. It tones things down a bit while remaining appealing to the eyes. Plus, it just looks so stately - what better way is there to grade foyer tile ideas?

Tile Entryway With Wood Floor Look

Although they're usually chosen for the living room, there's nothing saying you can't use wood look tiles in your entryway as well. This broad category of large format tile has the power to make spaces look both bigger and more inviting.  

There are a few important things to know when buying wood look floor tile though, so we recommend doing your research before getting started.

Beige Vinyl

Sometimes, it’s better to be safe than sorry with important spaces in the front of the house. A simple beige entryway tile design will add a touch of taste to your foyer tiles without going overboard.

Explore Our Collection of Entryway Floor Tiles at Oasis Tile

No matter what kind of tile design you choose for your entryway, the most important thing is that it reflects your personal style while also providing functionality in terms of safety and maintenance. Be sure to think through all options before making a final decision - and don't forget about grout! Finding just the right shade can really tie everything together.

Oasis Tile is here to supply you with the professional products and knowledge you need to make your next home design purchase a positive one. From recommendations on the best tile for entryway areas to guidance on how to tile over hardwood flooring, you can always count on us for help. Start browsing our selection of entryway floor tile products and order your samples today!

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