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Kitchen Floor Tile Repairing & Replacing

When a kitchen is renovated, one of the most important areas that should never be overlooked is the floor. As a room where you spend hours on your feet, you need the floor to be comfortable. However, it's also important that the kitchen have a sleek and sophisticated look as well. When examining flooring tiles for the kitchen, take several factors into consideration, including how easily they can be repaired or replaced should they sustain damage. To make sure you are ready to go when it's time to renovate, here is our Oasis Tile guide to kitchen floor tile repairing and replacing.

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Tile Characteristics to Consider for Kitchen Floors

Before you select kitchen floor tiles, always weigh various characteristics before the renovation begins. These include tile hardness, its resistance to moisture, whether or not it is slip-resistant, how easy it will be to install and maintain, and of course how much it will cost to purchase. 

If moisture and slip resistance are a top priority, we usually recommend selecting porcelain tiles. These are also perfect if you are on a tight budget, since they are very affordable. Also, think about whether your kitchen project will be a DIY affair or require the services of a tile contractor. Once you take these factors into consideration, it becomes easier to make the best decision for your kitchen.

Best Types of Kitchen Tiles

In most kitchens, we find the best tiles from which to choose are porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. 

Ceramic Tiles

If you like ceramic floor tiles for the kitchen, you're not alone. Affordable and available in a wide variety of colors and designs, they are easy to cut and install. However, they are not as porous as porcelain, and are prone to scratches or stains.

White and Black Ceramic Floor Tiles in Kitchen With Gray Cabinets


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles are very durable, easy to maintain, and also come in many outstanding colors and designs. However, they are more difficult to install than ceramic, usually requiring the services of a professional contractor. If slip resistance is a top priority in your kitchen, you may want to choose unglazed porcelain tiles.

Stone Tiles

Stone floor tiles are more expensive than porcelain or ceramic tiles, and do require more upkeep to maintain a great look. However, it provides a luxurious look, is very cool and perfect for hot climates, and is considered an easy DIY project.

Is It Worth It to Replace Kitchen Tiles?

Here at Oasis Tile, we usually find that unless a kitchen floor is in poor condition, it is worth it to replace kitchen tiles. Along with being a less expensive option than replacing the entire floor, replacing even several tiles will only take a couple of hours at most. In most cases, expect to spend no more than $100 for materials.

However, remember there are also drawbacks to this task. The biggest one will be having tiles that are an exact match, which will be a problem if you did not buy extra tiles during the initial installation. If you can't find tiles that are an exact match or very close, or if your kitchen floor is too far gone, a complete replacement may be best.

Can You Repair Small Chips in Kitchen Floor Tiles?

Even if you have been extremely careful with your kitchen floor tiles, accidents and constant foot traffic can result in damage at some point in time. If you notice chips in your tile, the good news is that these can usually be an easy DIY fix on a weekend. 

Tiler Laying Down Black Ceramic Floor Tiles


If you have a broken tile, this can also be a DIY repair. To do so, you'll need to chisel out the remaining piece of tile, put a new one in its place, and then fill it in with grout. Often, you can find numerous online tutorials that will take you through the process step-by-step.

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Let Us Help You

Arguably the most important room in any home, the kitchen is a place to gather for family dinners, talk about the events of the day, or simply relax and unwind. To make sure your home's kitchen has the floor tile that will bring out its beauty and elegance, let us at Oasis Tile help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you only need a few tiles for a small repair job or more for a complete replacement, you'll find them at Oasis Tile.

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