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Best waterjet tile patterns you should know about

Best waterjet tile patterns you should know about

It would be very difficult to find a person who could deny the fact that using waterjet tiles is one of the best solutions for the interior design of any living space. Whether you plan to decorate a modestly-sized city apartment or a huge country house, waterjet tiles will help turn the walls or the floor into an artful composition that will serve as a delight to your eyes and the proof that you have a refined taste when it comes to interior design.

There is a great variety of waterjet tiles on the market, all of them come in different design and patterns. Naturally, such a broad choice of options may get one confused about which tiles to choose for the particular area in the house. That is why we have prepared an extensive list of the best waterjet tiles patterns which, hopefully, will help you make the right decision and pick the tiles that will amaze even the most fastidious guests.

Here are the top 10 waterjet tile patterns used by interior designers all over the world. We are more than certain that you will find at least one tile pattern that accommodates your personal taste and design requirements.


arabesque waterjet tile pattern

It is safe to say that arabesque pattern is the all-time classic when it comes to interior design. A stunningly beautiful pattern carries the spirit of the Moorish culture and can make your house reminiscent of the Alhambra Palace, a historical place in Spain, an ancient castle is considered by many, especially Dr. Washington Irvin, an embodiment of the magnificent ancient Arabic culture. Even if you are not thinking about turning your home into a sultan's palace from the One Thousand and One Nights, the waterjet tile patterns will certainly add a touch of nobility and splendor even to such common areas and pool sides and front yards.


waterjet with floral patterns

Although, it is a very specific type of pattern, which probably won't be very suitable for the interior design of the modern urban apartments, though it will definitely work perfectly for a condo or a house that has a beautiful garden filled with flowers. This particular type of waterjet tiles will be an outstanding decorative solution for terraces, inside or outside pools, gardens, bathrooms, and backyards. Apart from being stunningly beautiful, these waterjet tiles are manufactured from the variety of high-quality materials which come in different combinations, such as metal and glass, stone, pure polished glass, as well as glass and stone combo. Check out these Hydrangea Thicket Grey Glossy & Brushed Metal and Glass waterjet tiles and assure yourself of their immense beauty.



The crewel patterns of waterjet tiles were inspired by the surface embroidery of the same name. The history of this embroidery technique goes back more than a thousand years, to ancient Britain. It was mainly used on wool but now it also found implementation in the cladding. This pattern is characterized by smooth lines and sophisticated shapes and combinations of colors. The tiles with the crewel patterns can be lozenge or square-shaped. The lozenge-shaped tiles are more suitable for bathrooms or swimming pools while the square-shaped ones are usually assembled in a certain ornament that can be used as a kitchen backsplash or as a tiling for the entire wall or floor.


waterfall pattern

Seems like this particular waterjet tiles design was inspired by nature itself. There is arguably nothing more beautiful and mesmerizing than waterfalls which found their embodiment in this pattern. Understandably, the tiles with this pattern will be perfect for the areas that have something to do with water: bathrooms, pools, saunas, and jacuzzi area, all of them will definitely benefit from being decorated with the waterfall tiles. They will create a harmonious layout that is reminiscent of sandy beaches or tropical waterfalls. These tiles are manufactured from different materials of great quality, but if you really want to achieve that sense of fluidity of your interior design, there is nothing better than polished glass,.


knot tile pattern

In case you are thinking about decorating a house or a villa that is situated near the sea or the ocean, the tiles with the knot pattern would be a very good choice, and if you own a boat or a yacht, then these tiles were made especially for you. The knots will tell all those who come into your house that here lives a true lover of the sea who has sailed hundreds of miles in search of the unforgettable adventures. These tiles are usually made of the finest Italian glass which means that these tiles are both gorgeous and of the highest quality.


kaleidoscope pattern 1

The waterjet tiles with the kaleidoscope pattern will surely become a centerpiece of your house. The variety of shapes and color gamma won't leave these tiles unnoticed – there is a great chance that your guests will spend an indecently long amount of time looking narrowly at every detail of the dazzling kaleidoscopic tiles. A splendid choice for those homeowners who have a bit of an artistic side to them.


zig zag patterns

Another classic pattern that will suit any interior design. Whether you choose to decorate your hall or bathroom using the tiles with a zigzag pattern, or just use it to create a kitchen or a bathroom sink backsplash, you can rest assured that they will add a new facet to your interior design.


ribbon pattern 1

The waterjet tiles with ribbon pattern were designed to create an atmosphere of a sophisticated and somewhat mysterious Venetian carnival. Whether you have a modestly-sized condo or a big mansion, these tiles with ribbon patterns will help you add a bit of medieval charm.


star patterns

If you feel that you have a bit of an astronomical side to you, then the waterjet tiles with star patterns will be an incredible addition to your interior design. You can even create a starry sky of some galaxy far, far away in your living room. If you have ever dreamed of walking on stars, this waterjet tiles design will make this dream come true.


champagne bottle pattern 1

This is one of the most unique and extraordinary waterjet tile patterns you will find at any shop. However, it will create an atmosphere of the never-ending festivities and freedom. A bottle of champagne is used to celebrate a special occasion, and the waterjet tiles with this pattern will make your interior design special.

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