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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Kitchen Tile

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Kitchen Tile

Are you overwhelmed with choosing tile for your kitchen and don't know where to start? While redoing a kitchen is an exciting time, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. If you get overwhelmed, it is easy to make mistakes or make the wrong decisions. We put together the most common mistakes people make so you can learn how to avoid them when you choose your kitchen tile.

Taking Shortcuts

Don’t take shortcuts. Some people have the misconception that tile is simple to install. Others have the idea they can install tile themselves if they rent a few tools from the local hardware store. This is not the case. Installing tile is tricky and requires years of experience to master. Don’t attempt it on your own.

You are spending tens of thousands of dollars to create a kitchen you love. While you may want to save money, not hiring a professional tile installer is a mistake. If you are trying to save money, put your renovation off until you can complete it professionally. If you need to save up over the course of months, that is a better option than trying to find shortcuts.

Once your project is finished and looks exactly how you envisioned it, you will be happy you didn’t take shortcuts along the way.

Not Thinking About Aftercare

Did you find a tile you completely love and want to install it right away? Before you get too excited, think about how to maintain that tile over the years. If the tile is regularly exposed to water, such as a subway tile backsplash, you may have to reseal the tile every couple of years.

Grout needs aftercare as well. Some grout needs more care than others, so think about how much time and money you want to spend regrouting your tile over the course of its life.

Not Doing Your Research 

Research the type of tile you want, the grout to go with it, and what other options are available. While you may have your heart set on a certain pattern or color, keep your options open in case you find something more practical.

Trying to Match Tile to Your Wood Floor

The wood tone of your floor, cabinets, or other areas in your kitchen is typically not taken into consideration when you are choosing kitchen tile. Sometimes people put too much emphasis on matching tile with the wood floor when it really doesn’t matter.

Instead, think of the bigger picture. What do you want to feel when you walk into the room? Do you have a decor type in mind? Examples of popular decor include contemporary, modern, and shabby chic. There are many possibilities. Don’t get stuck on matching to the existing wood in your kitchen.

Not Managing Transitions

If you are installing a backsplash, think about the transition by the cupboards or windows. If you have a window in the middle of your backsplash, then think about continuing the tile around the window. If you don’t like that option, paint the top the same as the cabinets so it blends in.

Masucline kitchen with dark colors

You want to make your transitions natural. Sometimes sharp contrasts work, such as if you are creating a dramatic, masculine look. However, most kitchens have a natural transition from the backsplash to windows to cupboards.

Choosing A Trendy Backsplash

Choosing a tile because it is on-trend is not a good idea, especially if you don’t love it. Choose something you will be happy looking at every day, is timeless, and can change with you.

For example, a mother of pearl tile backsplash is classic white, so it matches any future changes you decide to make in your kitchen.

Not Hiring a Professional

From designing your new kitchen to choosing cabinets to picking out your new tile, it can get overwhelming. Hiring a professional to help you with all of this. It might not be the same person, but you should have a knowledgeable person each step of the way to help guide you.

If you have never redone a kitchen before, you are going to have lots of questions. A professional to answer these and point you in the right direction will be invaluable. By the time you are done, you will be glad you had that expert input.

What You Should Do When Choosing Kitchen Tile

Now that you know what not to do, here are some tips when choosing your new kitchen tile.

Research, Research, Research

Ok, there is a thing as too much research. You should have a good understanding of tile, different features, and the pros and cons of each style.

Start your research by searching for the most popular tiling options. Look for ceramic and porcelain as these tend to be the most popular kitchen tiles. Each one has its own benefits, so write a list about what you like and don’t like about each style.

Next, think about what color tile you want. Narrow it down to a few colors and then purchase samples of those tiles. Put the samples in your kitchen, exactly where they will be installed, so you can get a feel of how you like them.

Choose the Right Type of Tile for Your Lifestyle

If you are retiling your kitchen floor, the type of tile you choose matters. Kids, pets, and high traffic areas need stronger tile. Think about how often you want to clean your tile. If you do have pets, their hair may show up more on the tile. If you have a dark-haired pet and a light tiled kitchen, their hair will show up more.

Think About the Future

Chances are the tile you choose will be in your kitchen for many years. Will you still love it in five years? Ten years? Over the years, the grout may need to be resealed. Furthermore, grouts typically are cleaned with a pH-neutral soap and water.

Avoid Mistakes

Now that you know the common mistakes people make when choosing kitchen tile, you can avoid them and make redoing your kitchen easier.

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