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  • Is It Okay to Use Wall Tiles On the Floor?

    Is It Okay to Use Wall Tiles On the Floor?

    Had it ever happened to you? You spent weeks trying to find that perfect tile for your bathroom floor to match your wall tiles. You shopped all venues in the city and browsed through dozens online stores. Finally, you chose...

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    Stainless Steel Tiles for a Modern Backsplash

    As a homeowner, you have so many choices when it comes to how to design or completely redo your kitchen or bathroom. Some people choose a more traditional glass tile backsplash while others would rather have the look of an...

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    How to Clean Glass Tiles

    You may be thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bath and you want to include kitchen glass tiles or bathroom glass tiles to make your rooms sing with beauty and light. If your kitchen or bath makeovers are going to...

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    How to: Grouting Glass Tiles

    Grout is sort of the glue that holds your glass tile project together. It’s the narrow strip between the tiles. The grout can actually be any color that coordinates with your glass tiles. Sometimes black grout can make backsplash tiles or kitchen...

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