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  • worker laying floor tile

    How to Lay Vinyl Floor Tiles

    Vinyl tiles are incredibly popular, and it's no surprise why so many people choose this flooring option. Thanks to their remarkable durability, they are commonly used to tile floors in commercial properties and public places such as airports, train stations,...

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  • beige vertical subway tile

    Vertical Tile Shower Ideas to Try In 2024

    Tile can play an important role not only in the look of your bathroom, but also in its overall atmosphere. Vertical shower tile is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to differentiate their spaces from traditional designs. If you're...

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  • black and white entryway tile

    Great Entryway Floor Tile Ideas to Try In 2024

    First impressions count.  The entryway is the most inaugural space of any house, possessing a ‌powerful capacity to shape how people feel after walking through the front door. A tile entryway delivers a sense of style and longevity without breaking...

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  • water dripping on tile floor

    Why You Should Choose Tile Flooring

    Tile can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms across the country. Why? Because it's just that good. Sure, there are pros and cons of tile flooring just like every other material out there - but when it comes...

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  • One-Wall Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room

    Living Room Tile Ideas for 2024

    The living room is arguably the home's most social area; it’s the place to be for everything from family game nights to football Sundays. It's a space that you want to get right - not just by choosing a great...

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  • A gray fireplace with unlit firewood inside on a white background of living room wall

    A Handy Fireplace Tile Guide for Your Home

    Gather around everyone as we highlight one of the most underappreciated places for tile design - the fireplace.  There are countless ways to give your own a facelift with the suitable types of tile, and we'll explore just that with...

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  • What You Need to Know About Tile Grout

    What You Need to Know About Tile Grout

    Mulling over new bathroom remodel ideas? You can't forget tile grout. Often overlooked, this professional sealing agent is pivotal to the success of your tile installation. When installed correctly, grout can help protect your tiles from moisture and dirt while...

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