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Unique Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen

Unique Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen

Are you looking for a backsplash that stands out from others? Kitchen backsplash tile doesn’t have to be boring. With thousands of tile options available, finding the right one just takes some imagination. If you don’t want tile, there are other options available as well. We put together ideas to make it even easier for you to choose your unique kitchen backsplash.

Greek-Patterned Tiles

When you want to feel like you’re in paradise, Greek-patterned tiles are a good option. The tiles have colors like gold, blue, marble, and white to give off a Grecian. Keep the airy feeling by adding white linen curtains to the windows in your kitchen. Accent the backsplash and curtains with colors from the tile. Once everything is pulled together, you will feel like you’re visiting a Greek island.

Mirrored Tiles

If you want the feeling of more space in your kitchen, then choose mirrored tiles for your backsplash. They give off an elegant vibe with a Parisian look (think Hall of Versailles). Furthermore, their reflective surface makes the room feel larger. 

Mirrored tiles come in many colors, such as blue, gray, stone, bronze, silver, and gold. The only downside to mirrored tiles is you have to keep them clean; otherwise, their reflections won’t be as bright.

Black and White Tiles

White tiles are everywhere, but when you add black tiles you get a simple, yet elegant, look to your kitchen. Black and white tiles come at affordable prices. Furthermore, there are many designs you can make with these colors. When you want a classic, sophisticated look that saves you money, black and white tiles are a good option.

Mosaic Tiles

If you decide to tile your backsplash yourself, consider using mosaic tiles. They are DIY-friendly and are put on an adhesive mesh that sticks to the wall. You don’t need to cut tiles or put grout in between them. Not only does this cut down on time, but it also saves you money. A mosaic tile backsplash is eye-catching and perfect as a focal point in your kitchen.

Patterned Tiles

When you want an even bolder statement, use patterned tiles as your kitchen backsplash tiles. They give off a vintage look while still adding an air of elegance. Patterned tiles go well with a vintage design in your kitchen. However, if you decide to do something more modern, you will want to pass on patterned tiles because they won’t complement the modern style.

White Marble

There is a reason people love white; it is timeless, classic, and goes with everything. White doesn’t have to be boring. When you pair it with marble, you get interesting patterns throughout the surfaces of the various tiles. If you have a pastel or a dark kitchen wall, white marble tiles are a good complement.

white tiled kitchen backasplsh

If you don’t want your kitchen backsplash tiles to take away from the style of your kitchen, white marble is also a good choice. White is subtle enough to blend in the background, but the marble style gives the tiles character.

Galvanized Metal

When you want a modern look, choose galvanized metal. The metal backsplash is simple to use and offers a sleek look once you are done. Furthermore, galvanized metal typically comes at affordable prices, so it won’t break your budget.


If you have brick hiding behind your current kitchen backsplash, let it out. Exposing your home’s natural brick is an easy, affordable way to make your space cozier. Are you worried about it getting dirty? Don’t worry, brick is actually easy to clean. Combine equal parts water and vinegar. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray on the brick and use a sponge to mop it up.

Sticker Tiles

Do you rent or live in a place where you can’t make permanent renovations? No worries. Sticker tiles are an excellent substitute for traditional tiles. Sticker tiles are adhesives, so you won’t have to worry about glue — like with wallpaper. All you have to do is peel and stick. The stickers come in many styles and colors.

Mix and Match

Are you feeling adventurous? Can’t decide on one type of tile? You don’t have to choose just one type. Mix and match a couple of your favorite tiles to create a bold look. For example, use white marble tile with areas of blue tile for focal points. Good spots for the colored tiles include behind the stove, behind the kitchen sink, or both.


When you want something truly unique, use chalkboard paint as a backsplash. Use different color chalk to write the menu above the oven or let your kids decorate with their favorite drawings. Best of all, you can change it up whenever you want.

Monochrome Palette

Are you looking for something modern, sleek, and all one color? Try a monochrome palette. The cabinets and backsplash are all one color. For an even more monochrome look, make the built-in shelves the same color as well. A popular option is gray because it gives an elegant look and goes with all styles. Furthermore, you can accent your kitchen with many different colors.

gray kitchen backsplash


Concrete is becoming more mainstream. Nowadays, it’s common for homeowners to use concrete as kitchen counters. Have you thought about using it as a backsplash? Use it for countertops, backsplash, or both. Concrete gives your kitchen a modern feel, especially when you combine it with copper accessories.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are classic for a reason. If you want something different, look for chevron-style for your subway tile backsplash. Pair white, classic subway tile with a dark or colored grout for a more dramatic effect.

Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to kitchen backsplash tile. There are many options available, no matter what style you want. From subway tile to mirrored tile to mosaic tile, there is something for everyone. If you don’t want tile, there are many alternatives as well. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to redoing your kitchen backsplash.

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