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Energy Saving Tips for Your Bathroom

Energy Saving Tips for Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t love saving money while protecting the environment? The two can go hand in hand when you give your bathroom an energy-efficient makeover. It is much easier than you may be thinking. It doesn’t all have to be done at once.

A few little fixes here and there can really make a difference in your yearly energy usage and water waste. You may notice your water and electric bill going down throughout the year as well. So not only is it good for the environment, it is good for your wallet too.

Whether you are redoing your bathroom to replace the shower tiles or updating the cabinets, now is the time to think about saving energy.

So what do you need to do? Here are some suggestions to make your bathroom more energy efficient.

Install a Low-Flow Faucets

Low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets can reduce water usage up to 50 percent a year. Furthermore, a water-restricting showerhead uses up to two gallons of water per minute. This is down from six gallons per minute with standard showerheads. There are even some showerheads that spray only 1.25 gallons of water per minute. This can add up to big savings and much better for the environment.

Low-Flow Faucets

When it comes to your faucet, consider installing a faucet aerator. An aerator goes on the end of your sink faucet and mixes air into the water stream. The result is less water usage but similar amounts of pressure. An ultra low flow aerator uses 0.35 gallons of water per minute compared to the standard 2.2 gallons per minute.

Switch Bulbs to LEDs

LED bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy than other light bulbs. They also last longer and tend to be brighter. LED bulbs also use less heat than standard light bulbs, which will keep your bathroom more comfortable.

Install Motion Sensors

Do you find yourself forgetting to turn the bathroom light off? Your kids might be the biggest culprits of this too. Install motion sensors in the bathrooms. If you or your kids have to go in the middle of the night then the sensors will turn the light off. After a couple of minutes of no movement, the lights will automatically turn off. The result is no more yelling at your kids or significant other to turn the bathroom light off and saving energy.

Replace Baths with Showers

Ok, a bath might be a must for self-care, but try limiting baths to once a month. A bath takes 70 gallons of water where a five-minute shower uses up to 25 gallons. Showers are much better for the environment, water usage, and will help you save on your energy bills.

bath with wine and candles

Fix Leaky Faucets

A dripping and leaky faucet is annoying. Did you know fixing that annoying faucet can save you up to $33 a year in energy costs? Even if you have to pay a plumber to come out and fix the leak you will likely recoup the costs in energy savings within a short amount of time.

Use the Fan for 20 Minutes Max

You should use the fan to get the humidity out of the bathroom, but don’t use it for too long. If you forget about it or keep it on longer than 20 minutes, then you will lose a lot of household heat.

Unplug Devices

Do you leave your hair dryer or electric toothbrush plugged in all the time? Time to turn them off. If you have a hard time remembering to turn them off, put a sticky note on your mirror. Even if your appliances are turned off they are still using power. Make sure they are unplugged when you are all done using them.

Install an Energy Efficient Water Heater

Heating water uses up to 18 percent of the energy in your house. If you are using an old water heater, you might be wasting energy. You will need to decide between a gas and electric water heater. Gas is generally cheaper, but an electric water heater is generally more efficient. Weighs the pros and cons of each to find which is best for you.

Use Cold Water

Heating water takes up a lot of energy. Taking cold showers will save that energy. This also means shorter shower times, which also saves energy. Did you know cold water is good for your skin and hair as well? The cold water helps to keep your hair and skin hydrated.

Redo With the Environment in Mind

Before you put down your new bath tiles, consider adding heated bathroom floors. Heated bathroom floors are 25 percent more energy efficient than HVAC units. If you don’t want to do the whole floor, you can decide to do certain spots, such as in front of the shower so the floor is nice and warm when you step out.

When choosing bath tiles, consider using glass tiles. Glass tiles are eco-friendly because they are made of recycled materials. They do tend to cost a little more than other tile, but glass tiles help save the environment by using post-consumer waste. One easy way to add these tiles into your redo is to install a glass tile shower.

Save Energy in Your Bathroom

These simple tips will save you money while helping the environment. You don’t have to do these all at once. These tips can be done over time, such as months or over the course of a year. This way, you can spread out the cost if you are budget-conscious.

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