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Getting Creative With Premium Tiles

Getting Creative With Premium Tiles

Homeowners love tiles. Of course there are many reasons which explain why such a love exists, but one of the main reasons is that tiles allow for a person’s creativity to be totally unlocked during the installation process. Whether it’s bath tiles or kitchen tiles, there are so many colors and styles available to make any room in a home look spectacular; tiles for pools are also quite popular nowadays, as are tiles for outdoor patio arrangements.

Letting your creativity shine through the use of high-quality tiles is a lot easier than it may sound, even for first-time installers. Let’s go more in-depth and see how homeowners are getting creative with the tiles they use at home.

Welcoming Tiles | Tiles That Talk

white tile bathroom

Did you know that some homeowners out there are investing in tiles that talk? No, they’re not literally talking to you, but they’re arranged to say specific greetings like “Hello,” “Good Morning,” and “Have a Great Day.” Such arrangements are specifically popular in bathrooms, and one can create such a setup with premium bath tiles.

Children in particular love these arrangements, and it’s been widely accepted that even the smallest bits of positivity can go a long way in boosting a person’s mood. New York studio designers have been saying for years now that talkative tiles are a playful and creative way to add character to a room, and luxury homeowners more than anyone should be taking full advantage of the current trend. An uplifting greeting can even be arranged with kitchen backsplash tile to help create the comforting, bright kitchen atmosphere most homeowners strive to achieve.

Creating a Luxurious Tile Swimming Pool

People have been digging holes in the ground and filling them with water for centuries, but thankfully today’s pools are a lot more luxurious than the ones of old. You may think that creating a first-rate pool setup and surrounding space is unrealistic given your current living situation, but it’s true that professional pool installers can work a lot of magic with even the most limited spaces. Furthermore, nothing makes a pool more appealing than premium pool tiles. And nowadays, it’s quite easy to get first-rate tiles, especially if you shop online with a trusted pool tile distributor. Consider adding a pool waterfall fountain, wireless floating pool speakers, floating flamingos, and bluetooth all-access portable filters to make your pool extra modern and appealing.

Comforting Colors for Kitchens and Bathrooms 

sink and countertop

There are many important rooms in a home, but here we’re specifically going to talk about kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners care a lot about their kitchen and bathroom atmospheres, and this explains why a lot of color exploration has been done to see which are the best, most-comforting colors for kitchens and bathrooms. At present, the most popular colors are: blue, green, pink, white, violet, gray, and yellow.

Where to Get Premium Tiles Online

Get creative with help from Oasis Tile! Our expansive selection of first-rate tiles will inspire you to transform the rooms in your home. Bath tiles, kitchen tiles, and tiles for swimming pools all sold for affordable prices and delivered quickly!

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