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We deliver outstanding tiles through our online store, and won't compromise on quality and service.

Over a decade ago, we launched a unique platform for hard-to-find glass tile. Today's options include ceramic, porcelain, metal, shell and natural stone and more in a myriad of choices from iridescent to stainless. True to our name, we are a creative resource, an escape from the ordinary and expected, a tile oasis. We’ve been raising the bar from Day One – we have no plans to ever stop.

For centuries, the beauty, functionality and durability of tile has transformed where we live, work and play. Yet finding the right supplier has always been a challenge for homeowners, builders and designers. With our deep construction experience, we get it because we’ve lived it. We’ve created with a simple goal: To give customers what Big Box stores simply can’t. More choices, higher quality, better value and superior service.


Since 2007 we’ve earned a reputation for highest quality and service, earning customer trust the old-fashioned way: At a promise made is a promise kept and our founding business promise was selling only products we believe in backed by partners we trust. You’ll see this customer-first philosophy that from shopping to check-out makes it easy, fast and fun.

Because we know every aspect of the tile business, our approach may surprise you. We never set out to the biggest, but every day and every customer is an opportunity to be the best by setting a higher standard. A smart, streamlined process, a simple buying experience, better products, advice from top pros, and a promise to earn your trust by exceeding expectations. That will never change.

When visiting our showroom, we offer free samples, so you may take them home and make your decision without any pressure. We stock our samples in our warehouse ready for pickup or shipping to anywhere in USA.


Our Vision:
Provide Best Quality

If you are looking for something memorable and attention-grabbing, mosaic tiles are perfect for your design project as you can transform an ordinary space into something remarkable!

Ever think about updating the kitchen? Have you considered adding a mosaic backsplash? With a dazzling array of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, a backsplash will add an attractive and decorative feature to your kitchen; probably the most important and underrated room in the home! You’ll have the opportunity to choose from exquisite ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, metal tile, and natural stone to create a magical feeling for you and your family.

Tile offers unlimited applications. From bringing bathrooms, kitchens, walls and backsplashes to life, to highlighting the external features of buildings, pools, spas, waterfalls and gardens, wherever your imagination takes you. With a wide array of colors, and styles, you’ll unleash creativity and design without limits because each curated item can be customized to your taste, needs and vision.

We don’t cut corners, and our commitment is to provide the best service possible, a simple, easy-to-use website, industry-best shipping, and access to the deep knowledge of real construction pros standing-by to help. Visit our showroom or reach-out to our customer service specialists ready to help you create something memorable and exciting, by transforming ordinary into extraordinary.