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10 Reasons to Choose Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners. Tile can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms across the country. One of the most common reasons that people choose tile flooring is because it's durable. 

That means your floors will last longer than carpet or wood floors. If you want to replace flooring less often, tile might be a great choice to consider! On this page, we will cover ten reasons to use tile flooring on your home instead of other options like hardwood flooring, carpet, and so on. 

1. Tile Flooring Can Last Generations

Tile flooring is a durable product. Not only can it last for generations, but tile floors are often easier to maintain than other options like hardwood or carpet. That's because you can sweep up any messes with ease, and they're not as likely to attract dirt and dust as carpet or rugs can. The easy process of cleaning tile floors helps make it last longer than many other types of flooring. 

2. Easy to Clean

Cleaning tile floors is a lot easier than it is with other flooring options. You can sweep up any messes with ease, and they're not as likely to attract dirt and dust as wood or rug does. Plus, you don't need harsh chemicals to clean them either. Tile floors are also easy on the feet because of how smooth their surface is. 

3. Can Withstand More Accidents

As we mentioned, tile flooring holds up well. That means your floors are more likely to last for years before you need to replace them! If you want flooring that is less prone to problems, tile is a great choice to consider! Dropping something heavy on it won't cause the tile to crack as carpet or wood will. 

4. Versatile & Capable of Being Placed Anywhere!

Tile flooring is a versatile product that can be used in any room of the house. It's easy to install, and you don't have to worry about getting wet like carpet or other types of flooring might. Tile will hold up much better against water than hardwood flooring will due to its materials. 

5. Easy to Install 

Carpet is an excellent option for warm homes, but it's not as durable and has to be installed on top of padding. Tile doesn't need any sort of padding underneath it because its surface already provides cushioning! That means you don't have to worry about carpet getting too squishy or plushy from the humidity in your home - it won't happen with tile flooring!

Plus, carpets can be challenging to install. Carpet has to be glued down, and you have to worry about seams showing up between your carpets too. Tile is easier because installation consists of laying it on top of the ground. No messy glue or tricky seam lines here! 

6. Tons of Options to Choose From

swimming pool tiles

Shower tiles are available in various colors, so you can change the look and feel of your home! You don't have to be stuck with just one style or color - tile comes in earthy tones like browns, blues, and greens. That means if you're looking for something simple to add warmth, then consider going with reds!

And if you want something more neutral, then go with white or beige. Due to the many different designs and possibilities that we find with shower tiles, it is one of the most versatile flooring options to consider! From swimming pool tiles to subway tile backsplash, there are lots of ideas to consider! 

7. They Can Be Heated!

Tile floors can be heated with an electric heating system like the other flooring options we mentioned don't have! Electric heaters are a great way to warm up your tile floors in living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else you need them. Plus, they make it easy to control how warm or cold the room is - unlike wood that will

8. Water Resistant 

Tile floors are water-resistant, and they're easy to clean. You don't need harsh chemicals to clean them either because tile is easier on the feet than other types of flooring! Those who purchase swimming pool tiles, as an example, know too well how strong these products are!

The water-resistant nature not only makes tile easy to clean but a lot less of a hassle. Those who spill liquid on hardwood floors, for example, might have to worry about cleaning up serious damage. With shower tiles, this doesn't happen!

9. Easier to Manage if You Have Allergies 

Tile is also great if you have allergies. It doesn't attract dust and dirt like other flooring options do, which means it's easier to maintain! In other words, you can kill allergens right in their place before they have a chance to make you feel bad. That makes tile a good option for people with asthma or allergies.

Tile is a great choice for flooring because it's easy to install, durable and comes in tons of different colors! It can be used anywhere in the house, including bathrooms or kitchens - there are no limitations on where you can put your tile floors! 

10. Can Also Be Used on Walls!

shower tiles

Tile is also an excellent option for the walls! Subway tile backsplash, for example, is a prevalent trend in modern kitchens and allows homeowners to add a unique element to their home. If you have been considering subway tile backsplash, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality. 

You might be surprised to find out that shower tiles can be used in the bathroom, as well. Shower will give your bathroom an updated look without breaking the bank. Not to mention, it is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain despite any humidity that it may come across in wet rooms such as a bathroom! 

Interested in Learning More About Tile Flooring? 

Tile flooring is the most innovative option when looking for a new type of flooring to update your home. Tile can be used anywhere in the house. It's durable and comes with plenty of color options! Plus, tile floors are water-resistant, making them perfect for any room with high humidity or gets wet often (like kitchens). If you want to purchase some tile, be sure to check us out here at Oasis Tile!

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