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Why Ceramic Pool Tiles Are Great For Your Swimming Pool

Here at Oasis Tile, we know how much our customers love their swimming pools. When the weather heats up, there's nothing better than taking a dip in your pool. Whether you’re thinking of adding a pool to your backyard or giving your existing pool a new look, ceramic pool tiles are great for swimming pools large or small. If you want your entire backyard to shimmer and shine as you're splashing around with family and friends, here's why ceramic tile is a great choice for your pool.

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Colors, Sizes, and Styles

If you want your pool to have a look all its own, you can't go wrong with ceramic pool tiles. For many people, hand-painting their ceramic tile in any type of pattern is a big draw, since this can turn the simplest of pools into a work of art. However, you can also find tiles already sporting various colors, styles, and looks. In fact, you can get ceramic pool tiles that resemble natural stone or other materials, all the while paying far less than you would for the real thing. 

Random Blue Square Ceramic Tiles


Easy to Install and Maintain

Once you have ceramic swimming pool tiles in your pool, you won't have to worry about spending lots of your free time on maintenance and repairs. In fact, ceramic tiles are some of the most durable swimming pool tiles on the market today. Requiring only limited cleaning to keep them looking like new, they are also easy to install. Thus, if you are wanting to save on labor costs and want to make your pool tile installation project one that is DIY, ceramic pool tiles are a great choice. 

Very Durable 

After you have ceramic tiles installed, chances are you won't have to worry about them needing to be replaced anytime soon. Whether you have had a professional installation job by a contractor or performed a skilled DIY project, ceramic pool tiles typically last at least 10 years, and often much longer. In many pools that have had ceramic tiles professionally installed and have been properly maintained, it is not uncommon for the tiles to last 50 years or far longer.

Are Glass Pool Tiles Better than Ceramic Pool Tiles?

This is a question that can be hard to answer. Generally, glass pool tiles are much more expensive than ceramic tiles. However, they may last as long as 20 years once installed, which may or may not be longer than ceramic tiles. If you like glass tiles, the good news is that you can get ceramic pool tiles that look just like glass tiles, giving your pool a luxurious look at a much lower price.

Cool to the Touch

As you and others are enjoying your pool, the last thing you want is to touch pool tiles that have absorbed the sun's heat and thus are very hot to the touch. With ceramic tiles, this is never a worry, since these tiles don't absorb heat. If you have kids who will be in and around your pool, this is a great safety benefit.

A Contemporary Look

If there is one great benefit from using ceramic pool tiles, it is that they tend to never go out of style. Once you start looking at the vast array of ceramic tiles we have here at Oasis Tile, you will see selections available in many different types of textured finishes. Because of this, you can usually find the right pool tiles that will match your home's style as well as that of your surrounding landscape.

Aerial View of Swimming Pool Made of Ceramic Tiles


An Affordable Option

Though last but certainly not least, ceramic pool tiles are usually the most affordable type of pool tile you can find anywhere. Incredibly versatile, it can allow you to give your pool a look the likes of which you never imagined. In fact, even when customers browse our online selection of ceramic tile here at Oasis Tile, they are usually stunned at the styles and colors from which they can choose. Whether it's a basic look you want for your pool or maybe an upgrade to a higher level of luxury, you can get this and more with ceramic pool tiles.

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Now that you realize ceramic pool tile is a great choice for your pool, finalize your budget and visit us here at Oasis Tile. Whether you're rolling up your sleeves for a DIY project or have hired a contractor for the job, you'll soon have a pool that will be gorgeous for decades to come.

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