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Pool Tile Cleaning, Maintenance and Care: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering how you can care for your pool tiles to keep them looking beautiful? Are your pool mosaics losing their bold color? Proper pool tile cleaning and maintenance is what you need to do to ensure our swimming pool tiles will look stunning and last for years to come.

Here at Oasis Tile, we’ve put together a guide with all the tips you need to know to clean, maintain and care for your pool tiles.

 Person cleaning pool tile with a cleaning solution

Types Of Pool Tile Buildups And What Causes Them

There are different reasons why your pool tile might need cleaning: 

  • Calcium buildup: caused by high water pH, alkalinity imbalance, or hard water.
  • Scale, grime, grease, and dirt: caused by leaves, organic matter, sunscreen and body oils.
  • Algae: caused by poor pool maintenance, damaged filtering system, inefficient water circulation, low chlorine levels, heat, or brought by the wind or rain.

How Often Should You Clean Pool Tiles?

You should clean your swimming pool tiles at least twice a year: once when you open the pool and again before you officially close the pool for the winter. Remember, cleaning a little buildup is easier than waiting until more dirt has accumulated.

How To Clean Pool Tiles And Waterline From Calcium Buildup, Grime and Scale

If you want your swimming pool tiles to last longer or make them look like new again, you’ll need to properly care for them. All pool tiles, no matter if they’re in the pool floor, wall, or waterline, can be stained by calcium buildup, mineral deposits, grime or scale. 

Here’s how to effectively clean and maintain your pool and waterline tiles step by step:

1. Use a Pool Tile Cleaning Solution 

Cleaners that are specifically designed for swimming pool tile are not hard to find. If you don’t want to visit a brick and mortar store for these products, you can surely find them online. 

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

Although heavy-duty cleaning products may be necessary if you’re trying to combat an algae infestation, harsh chemicals should not be used for routine pool tile cleaning. Not only can these cleaners damage the tile over time, they’ve also been known to cause skin rashes and other irritations in humans.

3. Mix Muriatic Acid With Water For A DIY Pool Tile Cleaner

If you’d prefer to stick with a homemade solution, you can mix muriatic acid with water and fill a spray bottle with the solution, but this is not recommended for inexperienced individuals as handling this solution can be dangerous.

Another popular homemade pool tile cleaning solution is vinegar. Vinegar can help dissolve light calcium buildup and grease on your swimming pool tiles; all you have to do is pour vinegar on a kitchen towel and rub the tiles in circular motion.

4. Use a Soft-Bristle Brush To Gently Scrub The Tiles

When cleaning the pool tiles, it’s recommended to use a soft-bristle brush that won’t scratch the tiles. For thicker calcium deposits and buildup, you can use a scraper but remember to use it with gentle moves to avoid damaging the tiles; that’s especially important if you are cleaning glass tiles.

5. Avoid Using Pumice Stones On Pool Tiles

Although pumice stones are widely used by homeowners to clean pool tiles, it’s recommended to avoid them as there are good chances you will scratch your tiles in the process. If you want to remove heavier buildup, you can try using a stiff-bristle brush instead.

6. Remove Leaves

Don’t forget to diligently remove leaves from your swimming pool. Leaves and organic matter not only can make a pool algae problem worse, but they can also damage the pool filter resulting in costly repairs down the line.

Person using a pressure washer to clean pool tiles in a drained pool


Can You Clean Pool Tiles With Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer can efficiently clean pool tiles removing grime, calcium deposits and all types of dirt from your swimming pool. However, to avoid damaging the tiles, it’s important you take precautions:

  • Drain the pool before using a pressure washer.
  • Keep the pressure set in low; in most cases that’s more than enough to clean the tiles.
  • Test in a small area that the pool tiles can withstand the pressure without cracking or falling off the pool wall.
  • Cover sensitive pool equipment, such as underwater lights, filtering systems etc.

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