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Why Is Pool Tile Preferred Today

Why Is Pool Tile Preferred Today

There are many things a homeowner must consider before installing a pool, for the details have to be right if their goal is to install a pool that all the neighbors marvel at. Before installing, it’s critical that you know your local zoning laws, and you’ll also want to be sure of which pool style preferences and which additional features you’d like to include. But before you start losing sleep over the bells and whistles, it’s absolutely essential that you know which swimming pool tiles will be used during your pool’s construction. The tiles used in a pool are what give the pool a lot of its character, so it’s imperative that you get all things related to the tiles right on the first go.

Not interested in using pool tile? Read through the following sections and learn why premium tiles for pools are better than today’s leading alternatives.

Tile vs. Plaster

an image of a fancy pool that’s using pool tiles

Plastered pools were once the norm, but such is not the case today. In fact, there are several alternatives to plaster that homeowners enjoy; ceramic pool tile, pebbles and stones, quartz, and fiberglass are some of the popular ones. A homeowner that constructs a pool with white plaster is probably doing so because this is the most affordable method. While plaster is good for those working on a tight budget, it does have its downsides; it’s not resistant to staining, difficult to maintain, and not the most long-lasting material.

Tiles, on the other hand, are stain-resistant and long-lasting, and it’s true that maintaining them is a breeze. In fact, most pool installers recommend swimming pool tiles over plaster for the reasons above along with several others. If you want a pool that’ll stay attractive for many years, you should use pool tile for the installation.

Tile vs. Stones and Pebbles

an image of a stone and pebble pool surface

Homeowners that appreciate the finer things in life typically want the pools they’re installing to be a reflection of their tastes, and this is what often leads these homeowners to use stones and pebbles to surface their pools. But as it was said earlier, maintenance should be a top concern before installation, and unfortunately, surfaces made of stones and pebbles are difficult to properly maintain. While it’s true a swimming pool can add value to a home, this does not apply to pools that present a maintenance nightmare.

Tiles are better than stone and pebble surfaces for many reasons. Tiles last longer than stone and pebble surfaces, and installing them also costs less too. Ceramic pool tile is what you should install if you don’t want to spend time and money on frequent maintenance. And since tiles come in many designs, colors, and styles, they’re more versatile than surfaces constructed using stones and pebbles.

Where to Go for the Best Tile Selection Online

Want your new swimming pool to be the envy of all your neighbors? Get your pool tile from us and ensure you install a luxurious oasis in your backyard. We here at Oasis Tile know a thing or two about creating watery paradises. Get in touch with us now and learn more!

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