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Does Every Pool Need Waterline Tiles?

Like many things in today's world, swimming pools are subject to various trends. One of the most current involves some pool owners removing existing waterline pool tiles or not having waterline tile at all. Is this smart? Does every pool need waterline tiles? We at Oasis Tile have everything you need to know.

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Why Have a Waterline Tile?

While many pool owners tend to think waterline tiles are only installed for decorative purposes, that is not the case. In fact, pool waterline tiles serve a variety of important functions. The most crucial is that the waterline tiles help keep a pool's liner or shell sealed, guarding against the possibility of the pool experiencing erosion, cracking, or water that freezes. 

In some pools, you may have noticed a line of yellowish scum built up around the edges and the waterline. If so, chances are these pools did not have waterline tiles, since installing these tiles can reduce such buildups that occur when pollen, sunscreen, body oil, and other substances get dispersed into pool water. If these tiles are not present, it's much harder to remove these stains from concrete or plaster. 

Close Up Of Pool’s Blue Waterline Tile and Natural Stone Border

Waterline Tiles are the Pool's Border

When 6x6 waterline pool tile is installed in a pool, it essentially becomes the pool's border. Usually installed as six-inch bands, these tiles will cover the entire perimeter of a pool. 

These tiles are available in many styles, colors, and designs, and can also be made from many different types of materials. Many pool owners opt for ceramic waterline tiles, since they look great, last a long time, and are usually the least expensive type of waterline tile. However, it's also possible to have these tiles made of porcelain, natural stone, or even glass, which is rapidly becoming the waterline pool tile of choice for many people. 

Glass pool tiles are becoming a fan favorite because of the range of options available in terms of color and design, as well as finish. In fact, glass tiles are even offered in different shapes, such as hexagon pool tiles

Are There Alternatives to Waterline Pool Tile?

Since styles are always changing in terms of pool design, some pool owners are using alternatives to waterline tiles. Instead of having waterline tile, they are moving toward having slabs of stone or concrete encompassing their pool. Considered to be a modern approach to pool design, it gives a harder edge to a pool's waterline.

However, the downside to this is that it severely limits the many design options you could use for your pool. By incorporating waterline pool tile ideas into your pool's design, you can create stunning color variations, add depth to the overall design, and even turn a pool into a unique work of art that won't be found anywhere else.

Blue Mosaic Waterline Tiles For A Backyard Pool

Which Tile is Best for Use as Waterline Pool Tile?

While there are many types of tiles that can be used as waterline tiles, this question is answered based on many factors, such as how much you want to spend, what look you want for your pool, how important slip-resistance will be for your pool, and so forth. 

In most pools, porcelain tiles or glass tiles are usually used as waterline tiles. A durable tile that will last for years due to it absorbing practically no water along the way, it is also affordable, easy to install, and easy to clean. Along with lessening the yellow scum that is inevitable in any pool, these tiles will also reduce deposits of calcium and minerals that result from hard water. 

Waterline Pool Tile Sizing

Though most waterline pool tile is a standard size of 6x6, it also comes in smaller sizes of 3x3, 2x2, 1x2, and even 1x1. 
If you have a pool that is irregularly shaped, smaller tiles can work well in that they can be more easily fitted around the pool's perimeter. A trend that is emerging with waterline tiles is to combine different shapes such as hexagon or round pool tiles into the perimeter, which can create a unique look. However, if not thought through carefully, it is possible a pool could wind up with areas of the perimeter that are not protected from scum buildup, making it more difficult to clean.

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Should you have a plaster pool, waterline tiles are a must-have to keep scum at bay and make the pool easier to clean. As waterline pool tile ideas such as patterned porcelain tile, glass pool tiles, and mixing and matching various styles of tile take hold with many pool owners, it's clear the possibilities are unlimited as to how a pool can look. Rather than be limited to only a few options regarding waterline tile, look over the wide selection we have here at Oasis Tile. When you do, your imagination will run wild, not your budget.