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How To Use Glass Pool Tiles In Your Design

If you want to be a trendsetter with your pool, using glass pool tiles can have you ascending to the top of the list. Becoming very popular for all types of pools, glass pool tile can be a tile that lets one's imagination run wild with colors, designs, patterns, and much more. Very reflective, it's great if you want to add an illusion of depth to your surroundings, and it will also make the pool's water seem even more shimmering. As to other ways glass pool tiles can be used, here are a few ideas we at Oasis Tile think you should consider.

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Create a Stunning Abstract With Glass Tiles

Being incredibly diverse regarding their shapes and colors, glass pool tiles make the perfect choice if you want to create stunning abstracts in and around your pool. Whether it's on the pool's bottom, its walls, or around the edges or decking, glass pool tile can let you have a mosaic mural that makes fantastic use of vivid colors and designs.

Natural Glass Water Patterns

Since your pool has plenty of water, why not use glass pool tiles to create natural water patterns? These can be waves, coral reefs, or even fish that appear to be swimming with you and others in the pool. Since one of the biggest advantages of glass tiles is that the mosaic tiles come in so many different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, they can be easily used to create true works of art within any pool.

Combine Glass Pool Tiles with Lighting

For a truly magnificent look, use glass pool tiles in combination with various types of lighting. Due to their translucent finish, glass pool tiles have incredible reflective capabilities, and can make even the smallest pool look much bigger and more luxurious. Should you opt for backlighting in your pool, this will create a soft glow that will make nighttime swimming a whole new experience.

Plants On Edge Of Pool With Blue Glass Tiles On Pool Floor

Use Glass Tile as an Accent

Since glass pool tile is one of the most expensive types of pool tile, your budget may not allow you to use it for your entire pool. However, don't give up on using it for your pool. Instead, concentrate on using glass pool tile as an accent for your pool. In doing so, you can highlight specific features of your pool, create smaller works of art around your pool's edges or other areas, or whatever your imagination will allow. Luckily, glass pool tiles are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. From hexagon pool tile to round downtown tiles, you have plenty of options available to create a stunning display. A very cost-effective way to use this beautiful and unique type of pool tile, give this idea serious consideration if you are on a tight budget.

A Unique Pool Tile Floor

Should you be working with a larger budget, glass pool tiles on the pool floor will make your pool the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Since you will have plenty of room with which to work, glass pool tiles on the bottom of the pool will let you do virtually anything. Before you know it, you'll be able to look down at your pool's flooring and see beauty that you never expected. If you have an indoor pool, you can even use the glass pool tile to have your pool's flooring match that of the surrounding interior, creating a very cohesive look.

Different Types of Glass

When considering glass pool tile for a pool, remember that there are three different types of glass used to create glass pool tiles, those being cast glass, fused glass, and low-temperature sheet glass. 

Cast Glass Tiles

Cast glass often has beveled edges, and is heated at a very high temperature. Once it cools and hardens, the result is glass that has a multicolored design, often resembling stained glass.

Fused Glass Tiles

Fused glass consists of layers of glass and colored glazes that are stacked together and then heated. Unlike cast glass, fused glass will have smooth edges and a uniform color throughout the tile.

Sheet Glass Tiles

Low-temperature sheet glass is what is used in creating mosaics. However, to be used in a pool, this type of glass must be specially formulated so that it has sufficient resistance to moisture, allowing it to be used in pools.

Careful Installation Process

When glass pool tiles are used, the installation process must be done very carefully. Unfortunately, glass pool tiles are much more easily scratched or broken than porcelain or ceramic pool tiles. However, while you may assume glass pool tiles will be slippery, it is actually quite the opposite. Designed so that they are slip-resistant, they can be used in almost any area in and around your pool. When glass pool tiles are to be installed, it's recommended the job be done by professionals who have extensive experience.

Man Wearing Gloves Installing Glass Pool Tiles With Grout

Expect Glass Tiles To Last Indefinitely

Should you be thinking that glass tiles may start to work their way loose after a few years and ruin what is an exquisite piece of artwork on your pool's floor, put your worries to rest. When glass pool tiles are installed correctly, they usually last indefinitely, so long as they are properly maintained. In fact, glass pool tile is considered to be extremely durable, despite its fragile appearance. Also, glass pool tile is resistant to chemical corrosion, mold and bacteria growth, and other things that can become problematic over the course of time.

Glass Tiles Are Easy to Clean

If glass pool tiles are used for a pool's waterline or elsewhere, the tiles will be very easy to clean. Rather than having to use any types of harsh chemicals, you can instead expect to need only a wet sponge or cloth, along with mild soap such as dishwashing detergent. This can save money and time in terms of cleaning costs, which may help to offset the initial expense associated with purchasing the glass tile.

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Here at Oasis Tile, we have a large selection of glass pool tiles. Whether you are wanting a pool with a reflective look or one that uses mosaics to bring a work of art to life in or around your pool, you can find the perfect glass pool tile at Oasis Tile.