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Inspiration & Ideas For Your Pool Tile Design

During the past five years, the U.S. swimming pool construction industry grew by an impressive 3.8%. It's no surprise, then, that more homeowners are considering adding value to their homes by installing a swimming pool (or upgrading their current pool to something even better). While merely having a pool is a nice perk, many homeowners really want to make their backyard oases stand out -- and that means paying attention to the latest outdoor design trends. If you really want to make a splash (pun intended) with your new pool, you'll want to consider some of these timeless swimming pool tile design trends!

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What Is The Most Durable Pool Tile?

The most durable and most popular type of tile for pools is glass tiles. Glass pool tiles have been around for quite some time, but this trend is showing no signs of slowing. These popular tile designs provide a luxurious yet ethereal look to any swimming area. And when they're installed properly, they offer the greatest durability of pretty much all the available swimming pool tiles. Of course, most homeowners are drawn to the beauty of these pool tiles, rather than how well they withstand the elements. The elegant, sparkling quality these tiles offer will continue to make them an immensely in-demand choice for many years to come.

 Modern Backyard With Blue Pool Tile And White Waterline Tool

Other pool tile options are porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and even stone tiles, which each offer their own unique advantages. All pool tiles are made to be more durable and resilient than traditional tiles used indoors. Your choice of tile will depend on whether these tiles are being used as water pool tiles, to create a pool mosaic or other tile ideas. 

What Color Should Pool Tile Be?

The answer to this is simply that there is no one color that modern pool tile should be! It really depends on the design focus of your backyard oasis, and the color palette you want to have. While blue pool tiles are very popular and classic, there are many other types of pool tiles that will make your entire pool and backyard a big hit with guests. 

Dark-Colored Tile

In the past, light-colored tile designs for pools were all the rage. But now, homeowners want something a bit darker. A pool with a darker interior provides a more natural look and even aids in our relaxation and tranquility. By using darker tile colors and more natural-looking materials, you can create an exotic escape from the rest of the world without ever leaving your own property. As a bonus, darker liners and tiles will retain heat more efficiently, which means the water will be even more divine (and you might not have to spend as much on heating it).

Colorful Mosaic TilesBlue Pool Tile Floor With Dolphin Tile Mosaic In The Middle

A very popular choice nowadays is to use glass mosaic tile to create a unique feature in your pool liner. You can use the class blue tile for the rest of the pool floor, and create a beautiful display with mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are offered in a wide range of styles and designs now, so there's no limit to your creativity in designing a show-stopping piece!

White Or Neutral Tiles

Some more modern pool tile ideas have utilized white tiles or neutral tiles to create a sophisticated outdoor space. There are many types of tile that can be used if you're trying to achieve this kind of look. You can go for a natural stone tile, a cool grey hexagon tile for a funky accent, or a sleek white porcelain tile. Try choosing accent tiles to line the pool and make it stand out. 

What Are Other Pool Design Features?

If you're looking for some other ways to spice up your pool design, here are some of our top recommendations!

Infinity Edge

This trend actually refers to a type of pool design, rather than a type of tile. Infinity (or wet-edge) pools have widespread appeal for the picturesque aesthetic they provide. In today's Instagrammable world, it's no surprise that homeowners want to recreate the incredible view they experienced at a high-end hotel in their own backyard. This elegant type of pool is perfect for the homeowner who wants to highlight their truly special water features. The types of pool tiles commonly used in vanishing edge pools (which include glass, ceramic, and natural stone) will certainly keep popping up in these designs this year.

Sun Shelves

Sun shelves and tanning ledges are becoming more common for the average pool owner. It's the ideal way to catch some rays and cool off without completely submerging one's self in the water. These elevated coves are located midway between the pool's edge and the bottom of the pool itself, meaning that you can easily position some chairs on this ledge. Sit and enjoy a book in this tile-covered cove -- and when you're ready to jump in, all you have to do is make your way off the ledge into the pool proper. Because these shelves will feature a seamless tile design, it can act as a visual feature while adding even greater functionality to the pool area.

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Today, homeowners want their pools to stand out for all the right reasons. A more natural and luxurious approach is key. If you're torn between two styles, remember that Oasis Tile offers samples of almost all of our tiles. Order a sample today and see how it looks in your backyard!

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