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Benefits Of Porcelain Pool Tiles

As you look over the many types of pool tiles, you'll quickly realize there are more choices than you imagined. For some people, ceramic tiles are what they choose. Others opt for mosaic tile, natural stone tiles, or even glass tiles. Yet for the majority of pool owners, porcelain pool tiles are preferred. Why is this? What are the benefits of porcelain pool tile? If you're asking these questions, our experts at Oasis Tile are ready to explain the many benefits of porcelain pool tiles.

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Porcelain Tiles Are Durable 

Once porcelain pool tile is installed in your pool, don't expect it to be falling off or getting scratched for the next few decades. Known for its durability, porcelain pool tile is made of clay that is fired at very high temperatures, making it resistant to stains and scratches. Yet despite this, it is actually quite soft to the touch, making it comfortable to walk on should you use it on a pool's outer edges or steps.

Pool Tiles That Rarely Get Water Damaged

One of the biggest benefits of using porcelain pool tile is that it rarely if ever suffers from water damage. A very dense material, this results in the tiles being virtually impervious to having water seep into them over time. This not only contributes to them looking great decades later, but also in not loosening and falling off.

Pool With Blue Porcelain Pool Tiles For The Interior

Very Affordable Tiles

Next to ceramic pool tile, which is usually the least expensive type of pool tile, porcelain tiles rank a close second in terms of affordability. Thus, this makes porcelain tile a smart choice for pool owners who are on a budget, contractors who are working on a tight budget, or someone who perhaps just does not want to invest a large amount of money in getting a pool looking great. 

Easy Tile Installation

Unlike some types of pool tile that may be a bit more difficult to install, porcelain pool tile is considered to be perhaps the easiest type to install. Whether it's a professional contractor doing the installation or a pool owner doing a DIY project, it is hard to make many mistakes when working with porcelain. Even when mistakes are made, they are usually easy to correct. 

No Worries about Slipping On Porcelain Tiles

Like ceramic tile, porcelain pool tile will not become slippery around a pool. Since this type of tile takes on virtually no water, it is regarded to be perhaps the safest type of tile to use for pools. Whether it's on the pool steps, decking, or other areas where tile will become wet, porcelain pool tile is an excellent choice, especially if children will be running around and playing near the pool.

Intricate Tile Patterns, Colors, and Designs 

Early on when porcelain pool tiles were first introduced, they often came in a very limited array of colors and designs. However, that's no longer the case. In fact, patterned porcelain mosaic tiles are one of the hottest trends in pools today. Whether you want a pool that has very light colors or one that is darker in tone, you will find porcelain tiles for your pool that are exactly what you desire. 

Easily Mixed and Matched with Other Pool Tiles

When a pool is being designed, there is no rule stating that the same type of tile has to be used. Actually, many pool owners today are choosing to mix and match various types of tiles. For example, while you may use porcelain tile on some parts of your pool, especially areas where you and others will be walking, you may also want to incorporate ceramic and glass pool tiles  into the mix, letting you create a specific theme and design. Whatever you can imagine, porcelain pool tiles can make your vision a reality.

Man’s Hands Installing Square Blue Porcelain Pool Tiles

Porcelain Offers Lifetime Guarantees

With most porcelain tile, expect it to come with a lifetime guarantee that protects it from color fading or other damage that could result from constant exposure to water and sunlight. Even if you wind up paying a little more for porcelain tile than you would for ceramic or other types of tile, it will pay off in the long run if you know that once it's installed, you won't have any problems to worry about.

Very Little Tile Maintenance

When porcelain pool tile is in place, it will need almost no maintenance whatsoever to keep it looking like new. Along with being resistant to water seepage and scratches, porcelain pool tile also won't fade, discolor, stain, or experience problems with breakage or other problems common to some types of pool tile. As for the maintenance it will need, this consists of regular pool cleanings and chemical scheduling, both of which should keep porcelain pool tile sparkling and shining decade after decade.

Porcelain Tiles Are Proven Reliable Over Time 

Since porcelain pool tile has been in use for many decades, it already has an excellent reputation for its proven reliability. In fact, most pools you have ever swam in more than likely contained porcelain pool tiles. If you are unsure about what type of pool tile to use and want tile that will give you instant peace of mind once installed, you can't go wrong by selecting porcelain tile.

Pool Tiles That Fit Well with Existing Surroundings

As many pool owners are doing today, they are choosing pool tile that will blend in well with their home's existing colors and those found on nearby decks or patios. This is easily accomplished with porcelain pool tiles, since they are available in so many styles, colors, and shapes. Now you can find porcelain hexagon pool tiles, or even round tiles. Best of all, porcelain pool tiles can be made to look like almost any other type of material, be it glass, natural stone, or anything else.

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Now that you know just how many benefits are associated with porcelain pool tiles, there's no need to procrastinate. By looking over the many types of porcelain pool tile found here at Oasis Tile, you'll get exactly what you need. Whether you're a homeowner embarking on a DIY project or a contractor seeking a specific color and design for a client, Oasis Tile has what you need.