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Want a Unique Pool? Use Mosaic Pool Tiles

While there are many ways you can make a swimming pool look fantastic, our team here at Oasis Tile thinks it's hard to beat a pool done in mosaic tiles. Able to be used to create almost any look, mosaic pool tiles are becoming more and more popular with pool owners every year, thanks in part to their affordability. As to why mosaic tiles are so great for your swimming pool, we've got more than a few reasons you should consider when resurfacing your existing pool or building a new one

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Easy to Repair and Replace

Though it does not happen very often, mosaic pool tiles may once in a while get chipped, cracked, or perhaps broken. When this occurs, the good news is that they are easy to repair or replace, whether you do it yourself or have a contractor perform the job. Overall, glass mosaic tiles are well-known for their durability, meaning that once your pool is filled with mosaic tiles, chances are repair jobs will be few and far between.

Swimming Pool Filled With Fun Blue Mosaic Tiles


Many Colors, Shapes, and Designs

Should you want your swimming pool to become a work of art, you'll be glad to know mosaic tile designs run the gamut. In fact, if your imagination can envision it, mosaic pool tiles can probably be used to bring your vision to fruition. Available in numerous colors, shapes, materials, and designs, these tiles also have the advantage of being non-porous, meaning they won't absorb water. This not only keeps your pool's colors and designs looking like new year after year, but also means you won't have the problem of algae growth and staining.

Why it's Best to Tile a Pool

Over the years, we imagine you have been in some pools that were not tiled. If so, the pool surface was likely composed either of plaster or aggregate. In years past, plaster was a popular pool surface. However, it is subject to being damaged, can easily stain, can and will absorb water, and will have algae growing on it quite regularly. 

As for aggregate, this is a pool finish consisting of pieces of stone, glass, ceramic, and other similar materials, all mashed together into a plaster-like mix. Though better than plaster, aggregate still cannot stand up to pool tiles in terms of durability, looks, and water absorbency.

Glass Pool Tile

As we here at Oasis Tile have witnessed over the years, there is little doubt glass mosaic tiles have been responsible for revolutionizing pools in terms of surfacing. Though more expensive than other types of pool tiles, many customers are willing to pay more to get the numerous advantages these tiles offer. 

Perhaps most of all, glass mosaic tiles are most popular due to their versatility. Easy to work with, contractors can take glass mosaic tiles and cut them into almost any shape imaginable, creating mosaic tile designs that are beautiful works of art. With numerous colors from which to choose, you can have your pool featuring a unique look, all done so within a timeframe that will probably be much shorter than you expected.

Continue to Look Like New

With most types of mosaic pool tiles, especially glass mosaic pool tiles, fading is something that rarely if ever happens. Since the tiles are created using silicate glass, they are very resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage from pool chemicals. This can be important, especially if you live in a climate that features warm weather year-round. Remember, even if you do spend a bit more on glass mosaic pool tiles, you will wind up saving money as the years go by, since you probably won't be doing one repair job after another. 

Installing Mosaic Tiles

While you can install mosaic pool tiles on your own, we recommend you not do so unless you have a thorough understanding of the process. Though resurfacing an existing pool may not take too long, it may take up to one month if you are having a new pool installed. 

When it's time to install the mosaic pool tiles, the pool needs to be drained and the pool's construction examined to ensure it meets current building codes. Old tiles are removed, along with the scratch coat underneath. Should any of the pool surfaces be damaged, areas of concrete or plaster may need to be removed and replaced. Once the pool surface is repaired, it will need to be cleaned and waterproofed prior to the tile installation. Unless you know the exact steps involved with this, leave it to the tile pros. Otherwise, you may install new tiles, only to find yourself having to perform the job again within two or three years.

Practicality Combined with Art

Perhaps more than anything else, mosaic glass pool tiles let you combine your desire to have an artistic look to your pool with the practicality you know is needed. As an example, you can get mosaic pool tiles that are non-slip, making them perfect to use on steps or edges. Yet while doing so, you can also have the tiles situated so that your pool has a seamless look that lets it blend in perfectly with its surroundings. 

 Mosaic Tiles That Blend Seamlessly With Stylish Exterior Design


Swim with the Mermaids and Dolphins

Once you decide to use mosaic glass pool tiles in your swimming pool, you may have the distinction of swimming with dolphins, mermaids, seahorses, and other creatures. When put in the hands of a skilled contractor, it's possible to create an entire underwater world using mosaic tiles. However, if you do use glass mosaic tiles, remember that sunlight does bounce off these tiles very easily. Because of this, you’ll want to carefully pick out your pool colors when creating your design.

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Our Commitment to You

Here at Oasis Tile, we have a strong commitment to customer service. Featuring a large selection of pool tiles, we can definitely help you as you mull over various pool tile ideas. When you want to find the exact mosaic tiles you want without having to search here and there, rely on us here at Oasis Tile.

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