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How to: Grouting Glass Tiles

Grout is sort of the glue that holds your glass tile project together. It’s the narrow strip between the tiles. The grout can actually be any color that coordinates with your glass tiles. Sometimes black grout can make backsplash tiles or kitchen counter tiles really pop and can lend a masculine high class look. Or a coordinating color to your glass tiles can be a fun addition of more color in the room.

Installing tile from start to finish is a messy job because of the process of grouting glass tile, so be sure to cover your kitchen counter before installing your backsplash. After putting the glass tile in place properly with a good tile setting adhesive…starting in the center of your backsplash wall and pressing each glass tile in place giving it a twisting motion to be sure the tile adheres well. Next, you’ll want to place spacers at the corner of each tile. This is so that your tile line up evenly.

When grouting glass tile for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, after the adhesive has been allowed to set according to manufacturer’s recommendations – probably overnight – you’re ready to grout your tiles. If the space between your tiles is larger than 1/8” it’s best to use sanded grout to give strength to the joint. Otherwise, you can use unsanded grout for smaller than a 1/8” space between tiles. Now is the time to remove the tile spacers and mix up your grout. Follow the directions on the package. You want to end up with a consistency like peanut butter.

If you're grouting glass tile in the kitchen and bathroom, you want to use grout such as Epoxy grout that contains a waterproofing agent. You can find this information on manufacturer’s website or package information to be sure you are getting the grout for your particular application.

You will want to use a rubber float to apply the grout. Hold the float at a 45 degree angle to your grout line. To get the grout completely down to the bottom of each seam, press firmly with the float tool. Work in small areas making sure to keep uniform coverage of the grout medium.

Using a wet sponge, wipe off excess grout cleaning your sponge often in clear water and wiping again if necessary. Wait about 30 minutes to allow the grout to dry. Then go back over the tile with a dry white soft cloth to buff the tile and remove grout dusty looking haze. One day later, use your soft cloth to buff away any more haze you notice. A week or more after grouting glass tile, apply a good grout sealer to prevent stains and soiling so that your backsplash retains that new look for years to come.

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