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Want Your Pool to Sparkle & Shine? Try Iridescent Pool Tiles

If you want to take your pool from being boring to being magnificent, we here at Oasis Tile think there is no better way to do so than by using iridescent pool tiles. Dating back thousands of years, these exquisite tiles were first so expensive that only the very rich could afford them. However, today's world now features many types of iridescent tiles at very affordable prices. In fact, if you want your pool to resemble that of your favorite celebrity, iridescent glass pool tile can be a great choice, since it is often found in the swimming pools of Hollywood's biggest stars. If you want your pool to sparkle and shine, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about iridescent tiles.

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How Do I Make My Pool Water Glow?

If you want pool water that glows, iridescent pool tiles can definitely meet and exceed your expectations. In many pools, you are likely to find blue iridescent tiles, since blue is the most popular of pool tile colors. When blue iridescent tiles are used in pools, the blue color of the tiles helps to emphasize the water's pigment, giving you a pool that looks even more crystal clear.

Along with making your water glow, blue tiles also play a role in helping you and others relax when you are in the water. In study after study, blue has been proven to be a color that makes people feel at ease and calmer, which may be of tremendous help on days when your kids have a bit more energy than you wish.

Mountain View Rooftop Infinity Pool Made With Blue Iridescent Tiles


Reflecting the Sunlight

If you love being in a pool that reflects the natural light of the sun, iridescent glass pool tile may be just what you want. Though a little more expensive than other types of iridescent pool tiles, glass tiles will have sunlight bouncing off all areas of your pool, making it appear much bigger as well as more beautiful. For a look that makes your pool glow and sparkle while also looking like a true work of art, you can opt for mosaic glass pool tiles. Whether you do the installation yourself or hire a quality tile installer, mosaic tiles can easily match most materials and be used in a variety of ways, making your pool one that is truly unique.

Easy to Clean

When your pool has iridescent glass pool tile, one benefit you will definitely appreciate rather quickly is not having to spend much time cleaning the tiles. Since the tiles don't absorb water, you won't be worrying about constant buildups of mold and mildew in your pool. In fact, we can assure you that the most you will likely need to do in terms of cleaning your iridescent pool tiles is give them a few swipes with a bit of soap and warm water. Also, glass iridescent pool tiles are known for their durability, and can easily stand up to the harshest of chemicals used in most pools. 

Combine Your Colors

While blue is the most popular of pool tile colors, this doesn't mean your entire pool has to be blue. Actually, we often encourage our customers to mix it up a bit in their pools when it comes to choosing tile colors. For example, you can combine blue iridescent tiles with others colored white, green, black, or even pink. Though you may think black would be a depressing color in a pool, it is actually the opposite when used properly. In fact, black iridescent tiles can allow you to emphasize a certain part of your pool, be it a wall or other area. 

Woman Lounging by Luxurious Pool Made of Blue and Black Iridescent Tiles


A Variety of Shapes

If you really want to go all-out and give your swimming pool a look that will leave others in awe, we suggest you also consider using iridescent pool tiles in a variety of different shapes. Whether you combine traditional squares and rectangles or choose to have a contractor cut your iridescent glass pool tiles into one-of-a-kind shapes, combining different colors, shapes, and sizes of iridescent tiles will soon give you a pool that is nothing short of spectacular.

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Browse Our Selection

Now that you've got lots and lots of ideas floating around in your mind regarding your swimming pool's potential new look, it's a great time to browse our selection of iridescent pool tiles here at Oasis Tile. Trusted by many customers over the years, we have no doubt you'll find exactly what you want to make your swimming pool sparkle and shine.

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