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What to Know About Replacing Pool Tile & Coping

When the weather gets hot, swimming pools become very popular. Whether you have an above-ground pool or one that's ground level, it is inevitable your pool will need some TLC in regards to tile and coping. If you are not sure what coping is in reference to your pool, chances are you're not alone. As to why pool tile coping is important, how to replace it, and wondering if you can do this as a DIY project, our Oasis Tile team is here with everything you need to know.

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What is Pool Coping?

When talking about pool coping, this is the material above your pool's tile line. The purpose of coping is to protect the top of your pool edging, known as the bond beam. Simply put, when you are hanging on the edge of your pool with your arm, the coping is the part you are hanging onto at that moment.

 A Goggled Child in Pool Hanging Onto the Pool Coping



Why is Pool Coping Important?

Pool coping is important for many reasons. First, regardless of whether your pool wall is capped by concrete that was poured in place or by pre-cast materials like natural stone or tile, it creates a frame around your pool to give it a pleasing look.

However, pool coping exists for more than just good looks. It is also there to create a non-skid surface, ensuring kids, pets, and anyone else does not accidentally fall on the concrete surface or into the water. 

When Does Pool Tile and Coping Need to be Replaced?

Once your pool tile coping needs to be repaired or replaced, it won't take you long to notice this in your favorite backyard space. The most obvious sign is when you start seeing cracks throughout your pool decking. Whether you have used concrete, natural stone, or other materials, when you see cracks it's time to replace the coping. 

When coping needs to be replaced, you will also probably see swimming pool tiles that have started to come loose or break. Once the tile glue breaks and makes contact with water, it will contract continuously, ultimately creating larger cracks within the coping.

Finally, deck heaving is another tell-tale sign of coping issues. Deck heaving is the term used when your pool's deck gets higher compared to the top of your pool. This is usually brought about by wild temperature swings, and can cause major damage to your pool.

Is it Hard to Replace Pool Coping?

While it is generally not hard to replace pool tile and coping, it's not a job you should tackle unless you know exactly what you are doing on this DIY project. Since deteriorated grout has played a role in your pool's coping problems, it is often recommended the pool be drained prior to starting this job, since you don't want pool water to penetrate the grout. Also, remember that your grout mixture can set and dry very quickly, and is quite different from grout you may have used in previous household projects.

Is it Expensive to Replace Pool Coping?

When you are needing to replace pool tile and coping, it may not necessarily be an expensive repair. For example, if you only notice a few loose pool tiles around your pool's edge, you should be able to enact these repairs yourself at minimal cost. However, if your pool walls have widespread cracks, this likely means the walls of your pool have shifted to some degree. When this occurs, you could have major damage that may require the entire pool deck be remodeled. If you are unsure how much damage has taken place, don't get involved in the job yourself. Instead, call on pool installation professionals to assess the situation. 

Man Repairing Swimming Pool Coping By Replacing Broken Concrete Paver Stone


Common Pool Coping Materials

When many people remodel pools, they turn to natural stone tiles. Though a little more expensive, they give a pool an instantly elegant look, are virtually slip-free, and will often last for decades without suffering any significant damage. Other popular materials are concrete, brick, and concrete pavers. However, whether you have a tight budget or one that is unlimited, natural stone swimming pool tiles tend to be very cost-effective as the years go by, thanks to their durability and long-lasting good looks.

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Now that we've given you quite a bit to think about regarding your pool tile and coping, look over our vast selection of natural stone tiles to find just what you need. By relying on us at Oasis Tile, your pool will soon be the best-looking pool in the neighborhood.

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