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  • beige vertical subway tile

    Vertical Tile Shower Ideas to Try In 2024

    Tile can play an important role not only in the look of your bathroom, but also in its overall atmosphere. Vertical shower tile is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to differentiate their spaces from traditional designs. If you're...

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  • white ceramic bathroom

    Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2024

    It’s hard to believe 2024 is already around the corner! With this new year comes plenty of opportunities for change, both on a personal and decorative level. The bathroom is one of the best places to change your home. Everyone...

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  • Tile is the Best Flooring Choice if You Have Pets

    What Is The Best Flooring If You Have Pets

    Like many homeowners, you probably have a cat or a dog running around your house. As much as we love our furry family members, they can wreak havoc on flooring such as carpet and hardwood. If you are thinking of...

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  • Should You DIY Your Bathroom Remodel?

    Should You DIY Your Bathroom Remodel?

    Are you thinking of doing your bathroom remodel yourself? You might want to think about hiring a professional unless you have the experience to tackle the project. Still thinking about doing it on your own? Read the pros and cons...

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  • How to Design the Perfect Home Spa

    How to Design the Perfect Home Spa

    Have you always thought about creating a spa in your home? Not only will creating a spa increase your home’s value, but it will also help you relieve stress at the end of the day. It is a win-win investment...

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