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9 Ways to Protect Your Shower and Bath Tiles After Installation

9 Ways to Protect Your Shower and Bath Tiles After Installation

One of the first things that new homeowners do after having their bathroom remodeled is to enjoy their new amenities and take a nice shower or bath. Although you should soak in the excitement of your new shower tiles and bath tiles, there are some steps you should be taking to maintain and keep your newly installed tiles in perfect shape. 

For instance, you will want to protect those beautiful bath tiles from stains and other problems that might happen if you accidentally spill something on them. On this page, we will cover many different ways for you to protect your shower and bath tiles, so they last as long as possible!

1. First Make Sure Installation Was Done Properly

It's essential to do some basic checks before you start using your new bath tiles and shower tiles. For example, check if the installation was done correctly and that all shower tiles are level.

Tiles that were installed by a professional typically won't need any more adjustments. However, if you installed shower tiles yourself and the installation was not done correctly (e.g., they are uneven), it's essential to fix them as soon as possible before water damage can occur!

2. Don't Place Furniture on Tile

Placing furniture on your tile is a huge no-no, and it will cause the grout lines to break down and take away from the beauty of your shower tiles or bath tiles.

It is best to place furniture on a rug that covers the tile instead. This way, the furniture would have to first tear through the rug before it can start harming your bath tiles. 

3. Eliminate Potential of Leaks

Leaks are one of the things that can quickly ruin your tile. Therefore, do everything necessary to get your fixtures and water barriers in order. Make sure your shower head is not leaking as this can cause the grout to crumble or crack over time! 

Then, continue by adding a new shower curtain & rod secured tightly into place to eliminate the potential for further leaks. Finally, add shower door sweepers to prevent leaks from underneath the shower doors if you have this shower style. 

Another great way to keep your bath tiles and shower tiles dry is by placing a rug over them that you can stand on when stepping out of the shower. 

4. Keep Tile Clean

Keeping your bath tiles and shower tiles clean is the best way you can protect your investment for years to come. Make sure you wipe down any dirt or grime that gets onto your shower tiles with a shower squeegee after each shower. 

When cleaning bath tiles and shower tiles, do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on them as this can damage their surface and cause the grout lines to break. Instead, stick to natural cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar, which can remove dirt without causing harm to the bath tiles. 

5. Use Shower Mats! 

shower mat

One of the best ways to keep shower tiles clean is placing a shower mat inside your shower. They are great at absorbing water and keeping it from reaching your bath tiles or shower walls, which makes them also work well in protecting tile surfaces! 

This is an excellent idea for those who have tiles inside their shower. Since you cannot avoid water seeping into the grout, you can at least place a mat on top to minimize it and make the tiles more protected during use. 

6. Cover Tiles During Long Periods of Use

A shower that lasts for over half an hour is typically considered a long shower. If this sounds like you, then it's recommended to cover your shower tiles and bath tiles during the shower with either a plastic or vinyl shower curtain. 

This will help prevent water from seeping too deeply into grout lines. This is best done for uniquely long tasks that would not be adequately protected using shower mats. 

7. Keep Tile Seats Dry

Certain shower areas have built-in seats that are designed to help you sit down and shower. While these shower seat units can be an excellent convenience for those with disabilities or the elderly, they pose a considerable risk of water damage if not used properly! 

Although you would ideally use a different material for the more water-resistant seats, those with seats already installed can still protect them. Try placing a shower mat on top of these built-in shower seats so that any excess water can be absorbed by them instead! 

8. Use Tile Sealers

Sealers are one of the top possible defenses you can have while trying to protect your bath tiles. These are typically made of various chemicals that have the ability to protect tiles from water damage. They can be used on shower tiles as well! 

Although there are different kinds of sealers, it's recommended for you to use a brand that is recommended by your tile manufacturer. This way, you can avoid problems that would otherwise be easily avoided. 

9. Use a Shower Squeegee Religiously

After each shower, make sure to wipe down the shower tiles with a shower squeegee. This is especially relevant if you want your tiles to last as long as possible! 

This can help you from getting shower mold or mildew on your shower tiles which would have otherwise been avoided if the shower were to be wiped down after each use. This is an excellent way of protecting shower tiles and bath tiles in one go! 

We recommend using a squeegee that attaches right onto your shower head for convenience, but you can also find shower squeegees that are handheld or attached to your shower caddy. A shower squeegee is a great investment if you want to protect tiles and extend their life!

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