kitchen backsplashIt's finally 2019, which means it's time for new beginnings. If you're thinking of pursuing a home makeover this year, it's a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends. Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular renovations to pursue, since they offer a high ROI and can truly transform how you feel about your main living space. Whether you'll be doing a total gut job or just plan on making a few impactful upgrades, here's what's going to be big in backsplashes over the next year.


Ceramic subway tiles have been popular for quite some time now, as is evidenced by the 975 million square feet of ceramic tiles shipped throughout and from the U.S. in 2017. But while 3" x 6" tiles are considered to be standard, those dimensions may go right out the window in 2019. Homeowners still love the clean and versatile look of subway tiles, of course. However, many people want something a bit more distinctive these days. You might consider larger options for your kitchen backsplash tile, say in a 4" x 8" or a 4" x 12" size. Not only will larger tiles equate to less grout to scrub, but they can also help to create a seamless look or even give the perception of more space.


To save money, homeowners might be inclined to keep their kitchen backsplashes on the more contained side. You've surely seen kitchen renovations that have the backsplash end right underneath the oven hood or stop before the sink. But in 2019, you'll notice more kitchen designs that involve extensive backsplashes that go up to the ceiling and all around the room. This is an excellent solution for kitchens with open shelving or that require a more cohesive look. You don't have to contain your backsplash to underneath the cabinetry anymore; instead, the sky's the limit.


In recent years, many of the popular tile designs included bright whites and other neutrals. But more homeowners are discovering ways in which they can make their kitchens stand out. It may not be conventional, but bright colors and shiny metallics are starting to become more prevalent in our kitchens. You can opt for mirrored tile, a terrific turquoise backsplash, or even rose gold or copper finishes. Rather than sticking to basic white or "greige," homeowners are feeling more confident about making their kitchens more unique to their own tastes. Don't be afraid to embrace a non-traditional option.


Your favorite choices aren't going to go away in 2019, but there's likely going to be even more to choose from. And if you don't like the idea of being boring, you're in luck. Exotic-inspired backsplash tiles are likely to grow in popularity. Moroccan- and Spanish-inspired tiles are great options for a kitchen that's warm, inviting, and special. An arabesque tile kitchen backsplash can allow you to add both texture and an interesting pattern into an otherwise ordinary space. Instead of limiting yourself to rectangular or square options, look for tiles with intriguing shapes or that are made from atypical materials to set your kitchen apart.

A new year comes with brand new changes. If you plan on redoing your kitchen space in 2019, be sure to explore some of these emerging trends before deciding on your final design. This can allow you to add value to your home and enjoy your space even more than before.