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10 Epic Accessories for Your Swimming Pool in 2024

If you are serious about having a top-quality swimming pool in your backyard, then you know the importance of accessories. These are what keep you and your guests engaged for more extended periods. To maximize the time you spend in your swimming pool, you will need new accessories like swimming pool tiles, amenities, and so on. Below, we will break down ten new accessories to consider adding to your pool in 2024. 

1. New Swimming Pool Tiles 

Getting some new ceramic pool tile is a new trend we find with pools in 2024, and it's likely here to stay for some time. If you need some new tiles, this might be the perfect time to install new ceramic swimming pool tile.

When looking for ways to improve your swimming pool, the tile is often the first place to look. New swimming pool tiles really help to upgrade your swimming experience. Therefore, this should be one of the first options you consider. Check out Oasis Tile if you want some new ceramic pool tile. 

2. Solar Cover 

An essential item for any swimming pool owner who wants their water heated naturally by the sun! Add one of these natural heating devices into your swimming pool today and save big bucks on energy bills every month! 

If you already spend money on electricity for heating, finding ways to switch to renewable energy sources like this will quickly add up. However, those who already run their homes on solar panels might not need a separate solar cover. 

3. Pool Fountain 

Consider adding a swimming pool fountain if you really want to boost your swimming pool's natural ambiance. They're trendy in 2024 and can be found attached to the side of most swimming pools as an added decorative element. 

These fountains work by releasing water out into small jets that are mainly for aesthetic purposes. A pool fountain is a great way to add some scenery to your pool without breaking the bank. 

4. Waterfall

Another significant decorative element, waterfalls can bring a swimming pool to life while also adding beautiful sounds and colors. With the ability to choose from different designs, add in lights, and make use of the space you have available, waterfalls are one of the most cost-effective choices to look at. 

Waterfalls typically come with many different designs and options. For example, you can build a wall and have the water come down into an area where you swim. Or, you can slope it into a more fountain-like style at an angle. Finally, you can also consider hoisting jets in your pool that shoots water up, making it come back down like a waterfall. 

5. Beach Entry

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Consider adding a beach entry if you really want to add a fun twist into your swimming pool. These are typically found along with the shallow areas of pools and allow guests to enter while standing in knee-deep water. It's an excellent way for parents who don't know how to swim yet but still want their children exposed to swimming pools.

Those who have guests that are elderly swim in their pools also remark that beach entries are a must-have. If you think that stairs might be a little too dangerous or just want a unique means of entering your pool, check out beach entries! 

6. Aqua Park

If you're looking for a swimming pool accessory that will turn your garden into an entertainment complex, consider adding an aqua park. These are large inflatable structures similar to bouncy castles but with more room and accessories like slides and trampolines. 

This is great fun for those with kids. However, the biggest hindrance that you might come across is not having enough space for the bouncy structure of your choice. Remember that safety should be a top concern. Therefore, do lots of research before buying anything! 

7. Inground Swimming Pool

If your swimming pool is looking a bit shabby or you want to add some new features that aren't compatible with the current one, consider replacing it altogether. Inground swimming pools are all the rage in 2024 and can be found in a large variety of sizes and shapes to suit every backyard! Those with above-ground swimming pools will instantly unlock a lot more utility for their pool this way! 

8. Backyard Cabana

A swimming pool is excellent, but it's even better when you can take shelter from the sun. Many of the swimming pools of 2024 come with built-in cabanas that provide shade for guests and an escape from high temperatures! Whether you prefer to stay dry or want to get some swimming done without getting burnt, these are a must-have swimming pool accessory. 

9. Outdoor Kitchen 

One swimming pool accessory that is especially popular in 2024 are outdoor kitchens. These can range from simple BBQ grills to full-fledged kitchen areas with counters, sinks, and more! 

If you want a fully functional cooking area for your swimming pool where guests can grill their own food after swimming laps or simply enjoy themselves without having to go inside, then you'll want to look into getting one of these. 

10. Custom Plumbing

Swimming pools tend to be very wasteful with their water. It's crucial that you invest in some efficient swimming pool plumbing solutions if your swimming pool is older and isn't as eco-friendly as it could be! Modern plumbing systems help eliminate the waste of water. In 2024, many swimming pools will be designed with custom-built fixtures, which will keep the amount of wasted water at a minimum and give you more swimming time every day!

Looking for a High-Quality Merchant of Swimming Pool Tiles? 

swimming pool tiles

Here at Oasis Tile, we offer swimming pool tiles for homeowners, construction companies, and architects alike. Our swimming pool tiles are built with the most robust and beautiful materials to help bring your swimming experience to life! 

Whether you want some great new ceramic pool tile or swimming aesthetically stunning pool tiles, we got what you need. Check out our inventory today!

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