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Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2024

It’s hard to believe 2024 is already around the corner! With this new year comes plenty of opportunities for change, both on a personal and decorative level. The bathroom is one of the best places to change your home. Everyone uses it, and with some creative shower tile ideas, you can make a significant impact in a small space.

Read on for our top 2024 bathroom tile ideas to help you start the year in style!

Bath & Shower Tile

Different Kinds of Bathroom Tiles

From rugged to low maintenance to affordable tile options, you’re in no shortage of materials to choose from when it comes to bathroom tiles. Here are a few types you should consider:

Porcelain Tile

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance design that stays clean as much as it impresses guests, consider a material like porcelain. Porcelain tiles are known for their durability and longevity, perfect for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are frequently used in bathrooms due to their various designs and textures. Price is another major perk; this affordable tile material is usually the least expensive option on the market.


Stone is a top choice for those who want to adopt creative shower designs in their bathroom and those who enjoy natural and earthy elements. It’s a pricier option, but its unique character is absolutely worth the extra cost.


Matte tiles are simple and conveniently low-maintenance, making them ideal shower, bathroom, and kitchen tiles. Virtually any space with high humidity and moisture levels can benefit from what this material offers.


Consisting of small or large tiles in various colors and accents, mosaic designs offer unprecedented flexibility when decorating your space. Brighten interior walls, add some character to your floor, or embrace daring shower tile ideas and trends - there are no rules!

shower with blue mosaic

Popular Bathroom Tile Colors

Color is another considerable factor to remember when decorating a space—the scheme you choose has the power to transform the atmosphere and ambiance of a room completely. 

Before going all in on the hottest 2024 bathroom tile ideas, you’ll need to determine the perfect color palette for your project.

Here are some popular choices:

Variations of Blue

Blue is a popular color for many reasons. When most individuals think of blue, they think of the sky above, vast oceans, and deep-blue eyes. Is there a more refreshing tone to use in your bathroom?


Before Googling ‘How to make bathroom look bigger,’ consider white tile. White has a knack for brightening interior space and making a tiny bathroom feel larger.

white ceramic bathroom

Variations of Green

Green tiles are another popular option, specifically preferred for their elegance and luxury. If you want to create a glass tile shower that looks like it’s made out of stunning emerald and other gem-like materials, then you should go with green tiles.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Now onto the main event - let’s look at some 2024 bathroom tile ideas you can use to liven up your space this year. The ideas listed below are just a start, so don’t feel limited. Use this as an inspirational starting point, and then go from there!

Contrast White and Black Tiles 

This is one of the best bathroom floor tile trends for 2024. Pairing black and white tiles is a great way to create contrast, drama, and visual interest. Black can be used as an accent or primary color in your tile design. Either way, it’s hard to miss and sure to last.

Subway Tiles for a Classic Feel

When looking at walk-in shower tile ideas online, you’ll find that many see imitate the classic subway tile look. Subway tiles are known for their timelessness and versatility, making them an excellent choice for any bathroom. Try opting for slightly larger tile or mix in hexagonal shapes to give your shower an extra modern touch.

Stone Tiles for the Natural Outdoor Look

Does your bathroom already have neutral colors incorporated into its design? If so, use it to your advantage! The natural look is in for 2024, and stone tile is the perfect way to achieve it. Just seal your stone tiles correctly to ensure they last longer.

Mosaic Tiles for Unlimited Color Possibilities

All too many bathroom tile ideas take a safe approach to colors and materials. But mosaic tiles are the way to go for those looking to make a statement! With countless color combinations, you can get creative with your bathroom tile design and let your personality shine through.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve been over our top 2024 bathroom tile ideas, it’s important to consider how you want to execute your design. Before making decisions or purchasing materials, create a mood board with colors and textures that interest you. This will help keep your project on track and ensure all the pieces come together.

Once you’ve settled your ideas, it’s time to source materials and start installing! Oasis Tile carries a large collection of high-quality and affordable tile products. 

Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom on a budget or find the best backsplash tile for your kitchen, our unbeatable inventory, and exceptionally friendly staff will bring your bathroom remodeling ideas to full fruition. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping and order your samples today!

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