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Pros & Cons of Classic Quartz Floor Tiles

Once you make the decision to redo the flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other part of your home, you will soon discover there are many types of floor tiles from which you can choose. While you will of course look over your options, such as glass, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, chances are your eyes will be drawn to classic quartz floor tiles. Considered to be one of the most beautiful of all floor tiles, classic quartz flooring has its advantages and disadvantages. Before moving forward with your flooring tiles installation, we at Oasis Tile will lay out the pros and cons of classic quartz floor tiles.

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Almost No Maintenance

Unless you are the rare person who loves to spend their time scrubbing floors, you will be happy to know that quartz floor tiles require almost no maintenance to keep them looking like new year after year. Unlike some materials that need to be sealed once per year, your quartz tiles will simply need to be wiped over now and then with a rag.

Housewife Focused on Cleaning Wood Plank Tiles as Opposed to Quartz Floor Tiles

Don't Absorb Water

If you've been considering marble or granite tiles, one thing you may have run across is that these materials are somewhat porous, meaning they can absorb water. When this occurs, you run the risk of not just having tiles that may eventually wear out, but also ones that can be slippery. Thus, if you are wanting to redo your bathroom floor or even your kitchen floor, you don't want slippery tiles underneath your feet. If you select classic quartz floor tiles, they are non-porous, meaning you'll have tiles that will last longer and keep you surefooted.

Many Different Colors and Patterns

Whether you want kitchen floor tiles that stand out from the rest of the room or instead like a floor that is more muted and blends in easily with the surrounding decor, classic quartz floor tiles are available in a multitude of different colors and patterns. Because of this, it becomes easy to select floor tiles that not only compliment your home's interior, but also reflect your personality and mood. 

Never Goes Out of Style

Like marble and granite tiles, quartz floor tiles are called "classic" for a reason, that being that they never go out of style. No matter what design trends become the latest hot look for homes, flooring contractors know installing tile floor with quartz floor tiles will turn a home into one that always looks stylish and elegant. As an added bonus, homes that have quartz floor tiles tend to increase in value, since these homes are always considered to be in style and easier to sell to prospective buyers.

A Strong Tile

If you have a household where your kitchen or other areas have plenty of people and possibly pets walking and running back and forth each day, classic quartz floor tiles will have no problem handling the high amount of foot-traffic. By selecting quartz tiles for your floors, you won't have to worry about installing tile floor every few years. Though you may pay more initially, your investment will pay off handsomely.

Not Great for Outdoor Use

If you have a patio or outdoor kitchen you are wanting to bring to life with new flooring, quartz floor tile will not be your best option. If you put this type of tile outside and have it subjected to high temperatures and the sun's rays, it could possibly split, crack, and fade. However, have no fear! Summertime is here, and we have other trendy ideas to update your outdoor kitchen

Installation Must be Precise

Unlike some types of floor tiles that can be put down and cover up any irregularities on the floor itself, quartz floor tiles require an installation process that must be very precise from start to finish. If you don't make sure the flooring surface is free of flaws such as cracks or other problems, any imperfections in the flooring surface will be easily noticed once the quartz tile has been laid. 


Skilled Handyman Ensuring Precise Quartz Floor Tile Installation

Somewhat Fragile

When you use quartz floor tiles in your home, you will need to pay close attention to what is placed on top of them. Whether in your bedroom, kitchen, or other parts of your home, placing very heavy furniture or other items on quartz floor tiles can leave dents in the tiles, or in some cases cause the tiles to crack or split, which may call for tile repairing and replacing.

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Though there are both pros and cons to using classic quartz floor tiles, most of our Oasis Tile customers seem to think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If you'd like to see our great selection of quartz floor tiles, visit Oasis Tile today.

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