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Which Tile Colors Are Popular in Modern Bathrooms

Which Tile Colors Are Popular in Modern Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom surfaces, many homeowners and business owners swear that premium ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best option. When compared to vinyl, wood, cork, natural stone, or engineered hardwood, tile has historically proven to be superior.

But one thing that many tile owners love about tiles is that they allow one to really embrace their inner creativity. In other words, if you want to get artistic with your bathroom’s design, then using bath tiles will expand your horizons greatly.

Below we're going to talk about some of the popular bathroom tile colors that are used commonly in modern homes and businesses. It's no secret that color has a lot to do with creating the overall atmosphere of a room, and this is why it's important to know which colors you want before you start purchasing and installing premium shower tiles.

  1. Variations of Blue

Blue is a popular color for many reasons. When most individuals think of blue,a luxurious bathroom with blue tiles they think of the sky above, vast oceans, deep-blue eyes, a variety of fruits, and gas fires to name a few common examples. 
Most homeowners and business owners that use blue shower tiles are doing so because they want to re-create either an oceanic setting or one that imitates the sky. For example, if you're going to create a sky-themed bathroom, then you can intersperse white tiles throughout the rows of blue tiles to create an image of clouds rolling through the sky. You could also design things in a way that makes the center light on the ceiling seem like the sun.

Blue tiles are also great because psychologists have found that this color is associated with alleviating depression and boosting spirits, especially the lighter tones and shades. Furthermore, blue tiles go great with bathroom fixtures, and this is why they're often used to create a glass tile shower.

  1. Variations of Green

Green tiles are another popular option, and these are specifically preferred for their elegance and opulence. If you want to create a glass tile shower that looks like it's made out of stunning emerald and other gem-like materials, then you should go with green tiles. These bath tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can use different textures to make a truly unique bathroom tile masterpieces. Green tiles are also preferred for their oceanic feel, and some truly beautiful designs can be made when they’re combined with blue tiles.  

  1. Variations of Red and Orange

Red and orange shower tiles are preferred by those who want to make a bold an orange tile bathroomstatement with the tiles they use. Often used to create volcanic vibes or the spirit of a raging fire, these tiles are great for those who want to be invigorated in the mornings.

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