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Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Mosaic tile has been in style for many years – and for good reason. 

It’s a decorative, trendy way to update your backsplash and make your kitchen an interior design masterpiece. 

These days, easy DIY projects that revamp a space are super popular. And a backsplash refresh is perfect for your next DIY job!

Mosaic tile is a great option for your kitchen backsplash, and we’ve made a list of ideas for how to creatively implement it in your next mini-renovation. 

Here at Oasis Tile, we have plenty of mosaic tile options you’re sure to love as well as unique kitchen backsplash ideas and kitchen sink backsplash ideas.  

Kitchen with grey and white mosaic backsplash tile

Is Mosaic Tile Out of Style?

Mosaic tile has been around for many years, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style. 

Kitchen backsplash tile trends either come and go, or they’re timeless. We think mosaic tile has stood the test of time. 

The best part about mosaic tile, and what keeps it in style, is its variety and versatility. Mosaic tile can be colorful or neutral, contemporary or traditional, minimal or bold. And you can play with shapes, colors, sizes, textures, patterns, or finishes. 

Having so many options is what makes mosaic tile a great option for any kitchen. You just have to pick the tiles you like the best. 

Is Mosaic Tile Good for a Kitchen Backsplash?

Mosaic tile is great for a kitchen backsplash, no matter what your style or expertise level is. Here are our top 5 reasons why mosaics should be used in your next kitchen backsplash project: 


Mosaics are versatile and have many benefits. Whether you want to cover your entire backsplash wall or make an accent piece is up to you. 

Since mosaics come in a multitude of different styles, they are a truly versatile addition to your kitchen. 

Creative Expression

Mosaics encourage you to be creative with your designs! With a mosaic tile backsplash, you can turn the kitchen you like into the kitchen you love. 

Whether you follow a strict pattern or get creative, you can turn your kitchen backsplash into a work of art.


Mosaic backsplashes are eye-catching and serve as an artistic aspect of your kitchen, which always runs the risk of being a functional and boring space. 

By choosing a captivating pattern, you can spice up your kitchen. Use mosaic tiles to reflect your personal style and engage your visitors. 

Add style

If you’re trying to achieve a certain look or style in your kitchen, mosaic tiles can help.

Since they are so versatile, mosaics can help you add style whether you like traditional, modern, industrial, or contemporary interior design. The list goes on and on. 

Create Contrast

Mosaics help to create contrast in a space that’s often left bare. 

Kitchens serve a purpose, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need artistic flair. By using mosaic tiles, you can help to create contrast and depth in the most important room in your house. 

A kitchen is a creative space by nature, and your design elements should reflect this!

7 Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas

If you’re looking for mosaic tile backsplash ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven creative ways to use mosaic tiles to transform your kitchen backsplash. 

1. Show-Stopping Glass Mosaics 

Glass mosaic tiles give a beautiful, eclectic look to any kitchen. The finishing is dazzling and they come in beautiful colors. 

Glass mosaics reflect light in beautiful ways and can brighten up your kitchen instantly. Use them to add more color to your kitchen, or stay neutral!

2. Subway Tile Mosaics

Subway tile is classic and versatile. They’re low maintenance and easy to clean, and they look neat and uniform. 

However, if you want to be a little creative, try using multiple colors or playing with the pattern.

With a subway tile design, you can use any mosaic tile you like. Go with a simple marble tile for a neutral backsplash or a brick tile for urban designs. 

3. Create Art in Your Kitchen

If you’re torn between neutral or colorful mosaic tiles, why not do both? 

Try going with a basic minimal color, like white or beige, and then leave a section for a colorful tile pattern you love. Or create mini art pieces throughout your mosaic backsplash with one-off artistic tiles. 

The best part about mosaic tiles is the unique patterns and designs you can make. 

4. Install Herringbone Patterns

A super popular pattern for kitchen backsplash is the famous herringbone mosaic tile style. 

To give your kitchen backsplash some complexity and movement, consider engaging patterns like herringbone. 

Herringbone actually can make small spaces appear bigger, thanks to the illusion of movement it gives. If you are working with a small kitchen space, try enhancing it with herringbone mosaic tiles! 

5. Mix Textures

If you want to get really creative, play with the different texture tiles we offer. Mixing glass, shell, and stone can create an eye-catching design that plays with multiple aesthetics.

Pair with neutral countertops and cupboards and your backsplash will be the main event in your kitchen.

6. Play with Sizing

If you have an eye for interior design and you’d enjoy a complex project, try playing with mosaic tiles of different sizes for your kitchen backsplash. 

By selecting different-sized tiles for your mosaic backsplash, you can create an interesting backsplash that will intrigue your guests. 

7. Go Geometric

If you like playing with shapes in visual design, geometric mosaic tiles are a great way to do so. Choose from diamonds, ovals, or hexagons to play with geometrics. 

Geometric mosaic tiles are elegant, yet visually intriguing. And depending on the color you choose, they can blend seamlessly into the background of your kitchen or be the main design.

Ready to Tile?

If you’re ready to start your next DIY project, a mosaic backsplash is calling your name. The backsplash tile installation is easy – it’s choosing the design that’s the hard part. 

Updating your backsplash is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen, and our mosaic tile kitchen backsplash ideas will help you get started. 

Oasis Tile has a fantastic selection of mosaic tiles that will complement any interior design style and color scheme. Check them out today to get started on your next kitchen mini-renovation.

And if you use any of our mosaic tile backsplash ideas, be sure to let us know!