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Penny Round Tiles

Penny Round Tiles
  • 3D Penny Round Stainless Steel Tile Millenium Products
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    3D Penny Round Stainless Steel Tile

    Usually ships out within 1-2 business days Sheet size: 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" Tile Size: 5/8" Diameter Tile thickness: 1/4" nominal Grout Joints...

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Every homeowner knows that decoration or renovation of any place in the house, particularly bathroom, involves a lot of effort and difficult choices. The most difficult one is to choose the material that would be perfect for facing the walls in the kitchen or the bathroom due to the fact that these areas always have high humidity and experience constant changes of temperature. Besides, is it important to keep such rooms clean and sterile, which means that the finishing material on the walls and floor will often come into contact with various detergents, some of which contain very aggressive chemicals. Hence, the finishing material, especially tiles, should also be really resistant to the impact of such chemicals. Penny round tiles totally conform to all of these requirements; moreover, such tiles are a shining example of a truly beautiful finishing material that provides not only comfort but also aesthetic enjoyment.

Our online store features over 50 types of penny round tiles made of various high-quality materials, from glass to porcelain, and provided by such internationally renowned brands as Millennium Products and Creative Decore. The assortment of our penny round tiles will impress even the pickiest client. We have tiles that will be suitable even for the wildest designer ideas. Whether you want to create a penny tile backsplash in your kitchen, a mosaic replica of Mona Lisa on your bathroom wall, make your pool area look like a gravel beach or turn your bedroom into a vault filled with golden coins, you will be able to find penny round tiles of the corresponding color and design on this page.

But our wonderful penny round tiles have many other advantages, one of which is its durability. Perhaps you are familiar with the situation where one of the tiles gets broken or even cracked and it totally ruins the entire mosaic ornament. Usually, taking out this single tile and replacing it with a solid one turns into a rather daunting task. But with our penny round tiles, you can forget about such annoyances. Our round glass tile options are made of extremely durable and high-quality materials that can withstand even really hard impacts.

Along with durability comes longevity when you purchase our round glass tile options. Rest assured that if you decorate your apartment or house with our marvelous penny round tiles, you will be able to feast your eyes on their curious design for many years to come. Another important feature of this type of tiles is that it will remain fade resistant under a variety of lighting conditions. Even if you place your penny tile backsplash near the pool area, where it will be under constant impact of sunlight, its coloring will remain fresh and saturated. All of these and many other incredible features make penny round tiles the perfect designer solution for your home.

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