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Glass and Stone Tiles

Glass and Stone Tiles
  • Jeweled Spa Uniform Brick Glass and Stone Tile Euro Glass
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    Jeweled Spa Uniform Brick Glass and Stone Tile

    This uniform brick white glass tile replicates the classic brick wall design, creating an appealing contrast between the traditional "stone" form...

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At Oasis Tile you will discover beautiful combinations of glass and stone tile or slate for a unique hard working kitchen backsplash or handsome bathroom wall or backsplash. You will find almost limitless colorful choices in many textures and patterns when you combine slate or stone with our glass tile. Imagine the elegance you will enjoy when you combine our glossy and frosted glass combined with stone on your backsplash or when you combine squares of shimmering glossy glass tiles with slate around your pool area or unpolished glass tile in a unique shape combined with stone and metal tile on your bathroom shower wall. You will find a long list of amazing color and texture variations you can include in your next glass and stone backsplash project that will showcase your style and make a design statement that will be remembered for years to come. We offer great quality glass and stone tile options for your home design and remodeling at reasonable prices.

Our glass and stone tiles have also accommodated all the advantages of both of these wonderful finishing materials. Glass has absolutely no pores; therefore, all tiles that contain such a magnificent material will be perfect for decorating the walls and the floor in the bathroom. A glass and stone backsplash is simply excellent for adding that splendid artistic touch to mosaic floors and walls in your house.

The visual properties of a glass and stone backsplash creates a charming luminous effect which always draws the eyes of all those who enter the room. The calm nobility of stone and the majestic iridescence of glass will surely impress any visitor and make your house a subject of enthusiastic discussions. Our store probably has the biggest variety of glass and stone tiles imaginable: almost four hundred items of various shapes, sizes, and color. Even if you have the most extravagant concepts in mind, rest assured that here you will be able to find glass and stone tiles that will help you fully realize all ideas regarding interior design.

A glass and stone backsplash will easily add that highly sought-after decorative look to any interior environment. Whichever style you want to employ: industrial with its strict lines and energetic feel or Moorish that is distinguished by the extensive use of beautiful Arabesque tiles; you will be able to find the tiles of the necessary proportion and color in our store. Apart from being incredibly beautiful, our tiles of the best-known brands in the world are also really practical and functional. Our glass and stone tile options are characterized by the unparalleled durability and simplicity of cleaning and maintenance. All you need is warm water and some mild detergent to keep the tiles clean and shiny at all times. Glass and stone is an optimal combination for the ultimate interior design.

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