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What You Need To Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

You may be installing new kitchen walls, countertops, flooring, cabinets and /or appliances because you purchased a home with a kitchen that was outdated or simply not your style. Remodeling your kitchen is a major undertaking and this type of project takes a lot of planning to make sure you end up with something you’re happy with for years to come. One excellent option for walls, countertops and flooring design is the incorporation of kitchen tiles.

Remodeling with glass tile on the countertops and with backsplash tiles over the sink and stove area is a very popular and practical way to protect your walls. Glass backsplash tiles come in a wonderful array of vibrant or lovely soft tone colors as well as a wide variety of shapes and textures so that you can mix and match to get just the look you want in your new kitchen. When you consider the expense you are going to in order to have the kitchen of your dreams, you definitely want to not only think of how attractive your choice is when recovering surfaces but also how long lasting the finished wall, floor, or countertop will be.

Glass tiles certainly fit the bill for durability. And homeowners love the fact that glass tile is easy to keep clean…just wipe it down with a damp cloth. We’ve already mentioned the vast choice of colors and textures that glass tile can offer you. There are unlimited patterns you can create with glass tile for a unique backsplash, wall or countertop that you’re sure to love. Let’s look at some other finishes for the kitchen on the market today.

Are they as long lasting and easy to care for as glass tile? How about the cost and ease of do it yourself installation? Wood is lovely to look at but would not make a good choice for a kitchen backsplash with the amount of water and food that would make its way there. Wood takes a fair amount of care to keep it looking like it did when you installed it. In fact, over time, it would be nearly impossible to keep wood looking good since no matter how hard you may try to keep water away from it, spills happen and wood will warp. Wood will start to show signs of wear before you know it and you might feel that you wasted your time and money on it in just a few years.

To install wood applications is a bit trickier than tile where quite often you can do it yourself. There are some other more expensive materials to choose from when remodeling a kitchen such as granite, marble, copper, or cement. These can handle water a little better than wood. However, some surfaces show water marks and stains where acidic foods were spilled. Others show every knife mark or where you slid a pan across the countertop or brushed against the wall with a hard object. Of course, kitchens get a lot of use, so you try to prepare for this.

You want to install the very best value for your money and something that you won’t have to replace for many years to come. That’s a good reason to go with glass tile with its glassy waterproof surface. It is made to last a very long time and it is beautiful to look at and very affordable.

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