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Stainless Steel Tiles for a Modern Backsplash

As a homeowner, you have so many choices when it comes to how to design or completely redo your kitchen or bathroom. Some people choose a more traditional glass tile backsplash while others would rather have the look of an ultra-modern stainless steel backsplash. Both are excellent choices to upgrade your kitchen or bath.

Glass tiles come in so many colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the variety of sizes and finishes that you have to choose from should you decide to go with stainless steel tiles. A stainless steel backsplash can add a professional contemporary look to your kitchen. If you enjoy clean lines and the shine of stainless, then these tiles may be what you’re looking for.

Some people think stainless steel tiles show scratches easily while others think the natural patina that happens as it ages is very appealing. That is something you have to know about yourself if the patina that would develop over time is your cup of tea. They are certainly durable and long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about them cracking any time soon. After all, stainless is what professional kitchens are made of.

Stainless steel tiles look fantastic on the surface where you decide to install them. One idea is that you can use them to cover a kitchen wall by first installing glass tile along the entire length of the wall over the countertops. Then, you could install stainless steel tiles just over the area behind the stove and sink. This combination of color and texture from the two different tile textures and colors creates an artistic affect and can make an impressive design statement in your kitchen. Or instead, you might want to install stainless steel tiles as the only tile in your project. They come in very small squares all the way up to subway-size tiles so you can create an interesting pattern with all the varieties in texture, finish, and size that are available to you. Some people create a basket weave affect using very small square stainless steel tiles. Others install their tiles on a diagonal for a unique look that really emphasizes the stainless.

You can find what is called “brushed stainless” and that is very nice. It works wonderfully well to mix brushed and shiny stainless steel tiles together. This can really make your pattern stand out. Stainless steel tile can be installed as individual tiles or on a sheet. The sheet makes installation easier and is the preferred method for most do-it-yourselfers.

Sheets of stainless steel tile make it possible to apply it to a countertop which means fewer seams and this makes cleaning easier. Maybe you’d like to look at the many options in stainless steel tile at Oasis Tile and get a few samples of tile so you can view them in your home first and then start on your new kitchen redesign.

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