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Crackle Glass Tile: Why It’s So Popular

Crackle glass tile is quite popular and for good reason. It allows a homeowner to do something special and a bit out of the ordinary to make their remodel a bit different than the Joneses.

Crackle glass tile has a lovely texture and you can imagine. They look trendy and a bit contemporary. We think that you will really like them. Most people do. “crackled” look in glass tiles is appealing to people looking for a clean, unique look for use as backsplash in the kitchen or bath.

Crackle glass tile is also great when used for decorative walls in other areas of the home such as the foyer or leading to the pool or to create an accent wall. Some other ways people use crackle glass tile are to create an inset border of contrasting colored tile around a window or mirror on a plain colored tile wall. This could be in the bathroom or a hallway or behind the bar, for example. glass tile can be installed as a glass tile backsplash to both protect the kitchen and bathroom walls behind the sink and to beautify the area at the same time. It is not a good choice for floors. They would be wonderful around a fireplace in the den or family room, however!

Some people feel that crackle glass tile is a bit more difficult to install so it is recommended that you hire a professional installation company or follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. As with any tile, it is wise to buy a bit more than you need in case a few tiles break when you are cutting them to fit around light switches, window trim, bathtubs, etc.

Since crackle glass tiles come in so many colors, shapes and sizes it’s probably a good idea to order a few low cost samples before starting your project. You can hold the tiles up to the wall in the room and in the exact lighting where they will be installed and see if they go well with your existing cabinets, painted walls and floors. Sometimes you’ll be surprised to find that you like a white crackle glass tile backsplash, white granite counter top and white cabinets. The reason these can work so well together is because each are a different texture.

Other times when you have an all white living space, you can turn a tiled wall into the focal point of the room by using bright vivid colors in a mosaic or multi-color geometric pattern. Glass tiles bring elegance and style to any room. You will also love the clean look and the fact that glass tiles are so easy to maintain. In a small bathroom or powder room, they can actually make the room seem bigger because of their shimmering light effect. Including Crackle glass tile in your home remodeling project is one design decision that you’ll be so glad you made. The glass tile backsplash or focal point wall is one of the first things guests see as they enter the room and it will become on of your favorite aspects of your new kitchen or bathroom.

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