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Top Reasons Why You Need Mother of Pearl Tile

Top Reasons Why You Need Mother of Pearl Tile

Mother of Pearl Tile is a natural, durable product that provides both beauty and protection. Mother of Pearl Tile is not only beautiful in its appearance but also strong in durability. It can be used for either flooring or wall covering because it resists scratches and abrasions better than many other types of tile. There are also many reasons that some people view it to be the best tile on the market! On this page, we will cover what you need to know

1. Made From Natural Materials

Mother of Pearl Tile gets its name from one of the materials used to make the tile. The coating on the inner shell of mollusks is shiny and bright, making it a perfect ingredient for those who want top-quality tiles. 

The means of harvesting materials is typically done in a responsible and sustainable way, making it so that the tile can be sold to the masses without disrupting the population of mollusks. 

2. Natural Colors and Designs

Since Mother of Pearl Tiles are made straight from natural ingredients, the colors and designs that the tiles come in are unique. They typically contain mother of pearl, but they can also be made to include other natural elements such as limestone for even more color choices! 

Although you might envision a piercing white color stretched across your glass tile shower, Mother of Pearl Tiles can come in many different natural colors and designs! This makes them a more versatile choice than what some might anticipate. 

3. Color Tends to Last Long

These tiles do usually not fade much over time as traditional tile does. This makes it easier to match up with existing decor or design styles without worrying about how the color will hold up over time. Therefore, those who want their tile color to last a long time tend to view Mother of Pearl as a top choice. 

4. Non-Porous 

Furthermore, Mother of Pearl Tile is a non-porous tile that does not absorb moisture or bacteria and resists mildew growth! These qualities make Mother of Pearl Tiles a top choice for those who want to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and germs. Therefore, they are used in public places such as restaurants, hospitals, or even private residences among those who value non-porous tiles. 

5. Recyclable! 

Another reason why Mother of Pearl Tile is such a great choice is that it is environmentally friendly. Once you are done using them, they can be recycled and made into new goodies for somebody else. 

In today's world, sustainability is important to many people. Therefore, Mother of Pearl Tile is a good choice for those who want the option of recycling their tile because it can be turned into something new! 

6. Easy to Clean 

Another reason mother of Pearl Tile is a top choice for many people is that they are easy to clean. This makes it easier for those who want their tile to be durable yet do not wish to spend hours scrubbing behind tiles or in grout lines every week! Instead, they view Mother of Pearl Tiles as being an easy-to-clean alternative to traditional tile. 

Since these tiles are not porous, less dirt and grime will get into the tiles and grout. This also means that less water will seep in and create mold and mildew, making Mother of Pearl Tiles a more sanitary choice for those who want to avoid these issues! 

7. Eco-Friendly

Although Mother of Pearl Tiles are easy to clean, they still require some effort on your part. Thus, those who want eco-friendly tiles will need to be willing to make an educated choice with their home décor by purchasing durable tiles that do not usually contain harmful materials such as PVC or VOCs.

This is precisely what we find with top brands of Mother of Pearl Tile. No harmful chemicals are typically found in the construction and manufacturing of Mother of Pearl Tile!

8. Durability

One of the essential things that Mother of Pearl Tile has going for it is its durability. This makes it a good choice for those who want their tile to last without much maintenance or upkeep like traditional tiles. 

Their strength and durability make these tiles a top pick due to their resistance against cracks and chips. This makes them a more reliable glass tile shower choice compared to many other alternatives!

9. Versatility

Another reason that you need Mother of Pearl Tiles is their inherent versatility. Due to their durability and an array of different designs and colors, they can be installed in many different locations. You can use them in your glass tile shower, your kitchen, bathroom, or even your laundry room! 

10. Did We Mention Beauty?

One of the top things that just about anybody looks for when buying new tile is beauty. With such a wide variety of Mother of Pearl Tile choices to choose from, you will be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Therefore, the top reasons you need Mother of Pearl Tiles are due to their durability and ease of use and their versatility and stunning beauty. You can decorate your glass tile shower with them, as well as other rooms in the house. This makes Mother of Pearl Tiles a top choice for those who want to make their home more beautiful and eco-friendly!

Want to Buy Some Mother of Pearl Tiles? 

Mother of Pearl Tiles

With so many options for using Mother of Pearl Tiles, you will find that they are a top choice because the possibilities are endless. From installing a glass tile shower to creating a lovely backsplash in your kitchen, this is an excellent type of tile to consider. 

Mother of Pearl is a top choice for many people because it provides them with the best qualities they desire in their new tiling. These tiles are durable and easy to clean, making them an appealing option for those who want durability without much upkeep. If you're going to buy some new Mother of Pearl Tiles, check out our inventory here at Oasis Tile!

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