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The Ultimate Diversity of Glass Tile Patterns

Do you own your own house or are you thinking about buying a house that needs a little bit of an upgrade to bring it up to your design standard and to add more of your own style? The kitchen and the bathroom seem to be the first place that work needs to be done when evaluating where to start on remodeling a home.

There may be worn looking or outdated bathroom glass tiles or backsplash glass tiles in the kitchen that are just not a fit with your personal taste in home décor. If you’ve never considered glass tile, you will be happy to know that this seemingly small change to your living area can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of any room with its light reflecting properties. For a house you’re planning to buy that is already finished and you like almost everything about it but the current tile. Wall glass tiles replacement is one of the easiest makeover projects with the most impact for your home improvement dollar.

When building a new home, you have the ability to choose floor, countertop, or wall glass tiles that showcase your artistic home interior touch right from the start. If choosing a pattern for your glass tile project seems scary to you, you can use online software that helps you to see what the glass tile pattern will look like before you commit to purchasing it. You can order a sample of the wall glass tiles you like best for a nominal fee in many cases so that you can hold them up and view them in the actual room where they will be installed.

Glass tile patterns can be simple to complex. You may like the look of two simple rotating colors of wall glass tiles with white grout or a more bold approach such as a mosaic pattern with many colors dancing on your wall, shower wall, or backsplash with the addition of black grout for emphasis.

There are many variations in addition to the above examples of glass tile patterns. The size and colors and textures of tile make all the difference in the way your glass tile pattern turns out.

For instance, you might mix very small dark colored squares with very large squares in a light color to make the small squares stand out. Or you may choose to lay square bathroom glass tiles on the floor on an angle so as to bring more drama to the room.

Another option would be rectangular glass tiles also installed on an angle lending to a basket weave effect.

Try your hand at designing some patterns for bathroom tiles and kitchen backsplash glass tile and soon you will be able to enjoy a fresh facelift for your favorite family hangouts.

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