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Glass Tile Pool Designs to Keep You Cool

Swimming pool glass tiles can add interesting design and color to your indoor or outdoor pool. Glass tiles are becoming more and more popular as pool tiles because of the many wonderful design possibilities and the stunningly beautiful shimmering light effect they create in and around your pool.

Glass tiles can catch and reflect the sunlight in an outdoor pool. Tiles can be arranged in one-of-a-kind patterns to add visual interest to your entire pool area. With the careful choice of the color and placement of glass tile, your pool can actually appear to be deeper and larger than it really is. When installing pool tiles in and around an indoor pool, you can create the illusion of more light because of the light-reflecting quality of glass tiles.

There are so many wonderful design options for you when you are ready to choose swimming pool glass tiles. Most people place a glass tile in a contrasting color on the steps inside the pool to make it easy for people to safely locate the step edge. Inside the pool, you keep things simple with an even overall pattern of 2 or 3 color shades of glass tile or you can dress things up a bit by including a main focal point art piece in the center of your pool. This can be anything such as a playful dolphin, a favorite cartoon character, a flower or the family emblem.v

A nice decorative touch is to place a patterned or mosaic design all around the edge at the water level that coordinates in color and pattern with the rest of the pool and surrounding area leading up to the pool. If you have a wall around the pool or nearby along a walkway, continuing with the same patterned design in these areas will look fantastic. If you choose lighter colored glass tile for inside your pool, the light color will make the water in your pool look crystal clear. Whereas the use of dark glass tiles will make the surface of the water appear as though it’s a sheet of glass. It can be a lot of fun planning your own cool pool design.

With the many shapes, textures, colors, and sizes of pool glass tiles, you are sure to come up with a unique pattern that expresses your style and makes your pool area bright, fun, and colorful.

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