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Pool-Opening Tips to Consider for the Upcoming Pool Season

Pool-Opening Tips to Consider for the Upcoming Pool Season

Homeowners that have a pool on their property often view the approaching spring as an indication that they need to prepare for the upcoming pool season. Getting prepared for the pool season need not be a challenging undertaking, especially today where the products needed to clean a pool are widely available, either on the internet or in pool stores.

Furthermore, there are plenty of technologies out there that one can use to make the pool-opening process a lot quicker. And for luxury pool owners, there are often more things that have to be considered. If, for example, premium ceramic pool tile was used to construct your high-end swimming pool, you’ll need to take special measures to ensure your pool’s surfaces are ready for the upcoming pool season.

Below, we’ll go more in-depth and talk about three pool-opening tips that all pool owners should consider to make the upcoming pool season fun, safe, and memorable.

Make a Plan Before You Begin the Pool-Opening Process

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The first thing you should do is create a plan for your pool opening. Outline a multi-day schedule if you don't have a ton of time to dedicate to the pool opening, but most people get a pool-opening job done in one day. Next, make a list of all the cleaning products and pool-opening supplies you'll need; also make a list of new products you wish to include for the upcoming season.

Having all the necessary supplies before you undertake the pool-opening process will save you a ton of time. Cleaning a high-end pool, one that’s made of premium swimming pool tiles, will require a few days of work, but with proper preparations taken in advance the job will get done quickly and without a hitch.

Clean the Pool Thoroughly

pool cleanerWhether your pool is made of premium pool tile or traditional plaster, the most important part of the pool-opening process has to do with thoroughly cleaning the swimming pool. Nowadays, most people don't scrub the entire surface of a pool by hand; instead, they use an automatic pool cleaner or a scrubber tool, along with pool-cleaning spray, to effectively clean all the surfaces in a pool. The goal is to get at deeply embedded dirt and grime.

Pool-Cleaning Procedure

  • Get rid of any big debris or leaves. This can be done using a pool skimmer.
  • Go over the entire surface of the pool with a pool brush to get caked-on dirt off.
  • Empty the pool pump’s basket and clear any leftover debris.
  • Vacuum the entire pool and then go over the surfaces with a swimming pool tile cleaner.
  • Check the pool’s chemical levels and adjust the levels as needed. Remember that some chemicals are specifically designed for ceramic pool tiles whereas others are not!

Where to Go for Premium Pool Tiles Online

Contact us at Oasis Tile if you want some solid advice on opening your pool this season. And for all your pool tile-related requests and needs, we’ve got you covered!

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