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Mood Enhancing Interior Design Making the Most of Colors

Have you ever visited a home where all the walls, furniture, flooring, countertops, etc…were cream colored? I have. It was a single older man who had no sense of design and so he thought the safest thing to do was to stick with one neutral color. That’s one way to handle interior design, isn’t it? The easy way out. Even it is was a tad boring! But now imagine yourself in a child’s classroom where the teacher has placed lively colors on the bulletin board and in other locations around the room. Your mind dances and sings as you take it all in. Any child’s eyes would light up when they walked in the room.

Think about how you want people to feel when they enter your home. And how you want to feel in every room of your home. By the well planned use of color you can create an experience that we might call “setting the mood” in your home. When you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or in the morning as you start your day, you’d probably be just as happy coming into a dimly lit room with soft colors that don’t scream at you.

However, when you get downstairs to the kitchen where things start happening - the day is bright before you and now some sunshine and a big splash of color would be just fine. Your children are there eating breakfast. Your spouse is getting ready for work and you’re sharing coffee and some small talk together. You can set the mood of any room with color. Glass tiles can help you do that because glass tile comes in so many amazing colors. You can cover everything with them. Your walls. The countertops. They can be used as kitchen tiles and are especially practical as well as beautiful as backsplash tiles.

Remodeling? Consider the wonderful mood enhancing interior design choices you can make with glass tile. Wherever you want to make a design statement, you can add colorful glass tiles. They can be arranged in a limitless number of patterns and you can choose from unique shapes, subway tiles, or classic square tiles. A backsplash can turn into an artful focal point of your kitchen through the creative use of various colors in a pattern or as a mosaic. You can mix and match sizes as well. One example of this would be to create a brightly colored border of small square glass tiles around large white square tiles when installing glass backsplash tiles.

In the bar area, you might choose black glass tiles or metallic look tiles to set a different mood. Around the pool, you would set a more playful mood than you’d choose for the entry way of your home. Different moods would be created with various color choices. Serious. Work setting. Family fun time. Will your newly remodeled room be bright and zippy and full of energy with reds and oranges or soft and quiet with greens and blues? The room you’re designing can take on a whole new look and feel when you incorporate the many color combinations available in glass tile. What color are you in the mood for?

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