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Different Types of Glass Tiles

So many unique types of glass tiles are available to you for your new home design or remodeling project. Happily, glass tile comes in many more shapes and sizes than the little square ceramic tiles you may remember on grandma’s bathroom walls.

Today, you can pick from a huge range of shapes big and small in glass tile and in colors, textures, and patterns to suit most any design style and preference. The wonderful wide variety in glass tile makes it a joy to plan a kitchen wall or countertop or bathroom or kitchen backsplash tiles that you can be sure will end up being anything but ordinary!

You can design a colorful glass tile backsplash for the kitchen or bathroom that becomes an interesting focal point of the room with your own layout or following a pre-made pattern where tiles are already glued to a backing for quick and easy installation.

Using more neutral in perhaps one or more solid colors, you can install a glass tile backsplash that will simply serve as a wise and practical way to protect the wall from food and water splashes.

So many different types of glass tile are being manufactured today. The huge amount to choose from in glass tile makes it easy to find one that will make the design statement you are after for your kitchen or bathroom upgrade. Let’s explore some of your options.

Many glass tiles can be purchased with a matte or a glossy finish.

There are brick shaped tiles, min squares, iridescent finished glass tiles as well as clear recycled glass tiles. Subway tiles are reminiscent of the New York subway and come in as many colors and textures as one can possibly imagine. There are smoky tiles, mirrored-look tiles, pearl finish glass tiles and even anti-slip tiles. There are also frosted tiles and tiles made to have a metallic look and feel such as gold, copper, stainless, and bronze.

You can purchase glass tile blends or a mix of brilliant or muted shades of color sprinkled across the tile backing for an easy colorful done-for-you mosaic look.

Glass tile is durable, easy to keep clean, and beautiful to look at so no matter what colors and patterns you choose, you can feel glad that you made a future-smart decision for your home with long-lasting backsplash glass tiles.

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