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How to Clean Glass Tiles

You may be thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bath and you want to include kitchen glass tiles or bathroom glass tiles to make your rooms sing with beauty and light.

If your kitchen or bath makeovers are going to include glass tile backsplashes, glass tiles are one of the most amazing things you can do to update and freshen the look of your kitchen or bath. Glass tile adds a new dimension of brightness and reflection of light to a previously dull lifeless room.

It’s also good to know that cleaning glass tile backsplashes is extremely easy. You’ll wonder why you didn’t install it sooner. It’s no wonder that it’s now one of the most popular remodeling choices of homeowners.

Glass tiles protect your kitchen or bathroom walls while adding a beautiful bright touch to your living area . You couldn’t ask for a better way to update a kitchen or bath without going overboard on expense.

The vast array of colors, shapes and sizes of glass tiles is amazing. You are sure to find backsplash glass tiles to help express your personality in each room you wish to redesign.

You always hear people say how easy cleaning glass tile is. Well, it’s really true. Glass tile requires very little effort to keep it shimmering and shining like the day you installed it.

Since glass tile backsplashes are made of a non-porous material – namely glass – they don’t allow food stains and water splashes to penetrate the surface. You can simply wipe the glass tile clean with a solution of vinegar and water or spray it with your favorite window cleaner and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

When cleaning glass tile in the shower, you can let the vinegar/water solution soak for 10-15 minutes before wiping it dry. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the grout between the tiles and then rinse with plain water. By drying your glass tiles after cleaning, they will glisten and you will avoid water marks.

If you have hard water where mineral deposits can build up, you can spray your glass tiles with the vinegar solution and then apply some baking soda to your cleaning cloth. Rub lightly to remove the build up and rinse with cold water. Again, always dry the tiles.

You can also use liquid dish detergent mixed in water in place of the vinegar or window cleaner.

To make clean up a breeze in any shower, do a quick wipe down of the walls every day. Another great tip from a professional house cleaner: “Take notice of which soaps cause more soap scum build up and switch brands.” You will be amazed at the difference in clean up time with just this one tip alone. Our house cleaner also told us that for cleaning any type of glass or ceramic tile surface that has a build-up of soap scum or mineral deposits, you can rub a bit of Bar Keeper’s Friend or Zud on the area with an old washcloth. She noted, “This does not work with a sponge.”

These tips on cleaning glass tile will help you keep your glass tile backsplashes clean and bright for many years to come.

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